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  • Ceiling Fans Save Energy

    While a ceiling fan does not necessarily lower the temperature of a room, it does make the room feel cooler by providing a circulating breeze. Effective circulation can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, and reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%. Ceiling fans use the body's natural air conditioning system, through the movement of air down from the ceiling fan and across your entire body.

  • Ceiling fans brands

    MARTEC embodies more than 40 years of commitment to the innovation, quality and durability of our ceiling fans, LED down lights and bathroom fixtures. While name awareness was widespread and business is growing, they felt the need to create a new website for their business which mainly can be easily updateable, presentable and the most important up to the latest web standards and marketing trends.

  • Martec is a fully ISO accredited company

    Each Martec product features meticulous workmanship and the finest materials available. Our ceiling fan motors are one of the best-performing in the industry, and our exhaust fans use ball-bearing motors for longer life and superior performance. Martec products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry and comply with Australian Standards in quality, design and safety. Mart

  • An Ultra-Efficient LED Ceiling Fans

    Due to the reduced price of LED technology, Martec®has been able to develop a high value, ultra-efficient, super bright LED down light ceiling fan: the Martec® Lifestyle™ LED. The Lifestyle™ LED combines the best features of Martec®’s extremely popular and durable Lifestyle™ series with the ultra-efficient SMD LED technology that powers all of Martec®’s LED downlights. The Martec Li

  • The Benefits of Energy Star Rated LED Down Lights

    Most purchasers of LED down lights continue to consider only lumen output (or light emitted), beam angle, wattage and the option of dimmer functionality. An equally important element is whether the LED down light is Energy Star rated. LEDs with an Energy Star rating have met a stringent set of rigorous criteria and offer measurable benefits to a household Benefits of LED Lights They are eq

  • High Light Output without Wasting Electricity

    While LED (light emitting diode) down lights are rapidly changing the shape of the global lighting industry, the benefits of these technologically superior lights may not initially be obvious to consumers who are used to the traditional Halogen globe, which is initially less expensive to purchase but is, in many ways, inferior to LED down lights and does not offer the long-term cost benefits. Whi

  • Taipan LED Ribbon Home Lighting Solutions

    LED lights are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to update the decor of your home. Not surprisingly, the Internet is full of inspiring ideas for how to fully utilise the technology of LEDs and in this blog post, we’ve pulled together some of the best ideas. You can also view more creative ideas on our Pinterest board LED Strip Lighting Ideas. Illuminating kitchen work benches

  • Three Ways LED Lighting Could Save the World

    At Martec, we’re passionate about LED lighting and the wonderful things it can do. LED technology is so adaptable that there are people all over the world using it to lessen our impact on the planet. Here we look at just three examples of organisations using LED Lights to save the world. Public Lighting Lighting accounts for a fifth of global electricity use, and in recent years there’s be

  • How LED Lights Can Save Your Household (a lot) Of Money

    Does it feel like your electricity bill keeps climbing higher and higher? You’re not alone! Australian houses are becoming more and more power hungry. The energy consumption of the average Australian household increased by 14% between 2000 and 2011, with electricity accounting for a quarter of this growth. At the same time that Australian households were switching on more and more appliances an

  • Smart LED Lighting for Improved Security

    Filling your property with light at night may make you feel safer, but it could also be making your home less secure by highlighting entry points and providing deep, dark shadows around your property. A poorly designed security lighting system will waste money, decrease safety, and could invite an unwanted guest into to your home. Fortunately there is a solution. With a little thought and the rig


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