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Sabre 400mm 5000k

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sabre 400mm 5000k

The Sabre is a new modern look for the oyster range being a sleek square design. It is stylish whilst ensuring that the slim surface mounting ceiling panel allows for excellent light coverage with long life energy saving LED technology. Ideal for any living room or office.

FEATURES (Click on title)

  • 3 year replacement warranty
  • Long life energy saving LED technology
  • Slim surface mounted ceiling panel
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Anodised aluminium trim
  • Dimmable LED light module (Dimming reduced to 10% with MTD300VA)

Technical information (Click on title)

Sabre 400mm 5000k

Power36WTechnical Image
Size (mm)400mm x 400mm

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