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Taipan Glue Back 5000k

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Taipan Glue Back 5000k

Martec’s Taipan Glue Back allows for simple lighting solutions in both indoor and outdoor environments. Fit a Martec Taipan under cupboards in a kitchen to instantly provide light to your counter-tops or perhaps attach the Martec Taipan to a patio overhang to add dynamic, ambient lighting. The Martec Taipan is an easy to use, do-it-yourself installation which can be cut down to your custom length and still function perfectly!

FEATURES (Click on title)

  • 3 year replacement warranty
  • 14.4W per 1m length
  • IP54 Rated for outdoor use (driver is not IP rated)
  • Complete with driver, flex and plug
  • Do-it-yourself install & easy to cut to size

Technical information (Click on title)

Taipan Glue Back 5000k

Power14.4W per 1M length
Lumen780 per metre
Size (mm)1 metre, 3 metre, & 5 metre

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