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10 Reasons You Need LED Lights and Downlights

LED lights and LED downlights are growing in popularity. More and more homes are choosing to utilise them to complement décor and design. Others prefer them for their energy saving capabilities. The team at Martec has put together a list of 10 reasons you need LED downlights.

LED lighting

1: Energy Saving

Without a doubt, LED lights require less energy to run. In fact, compared to incandescent bulbs, LED downlights save you around 80% electrical power. And in comparison to halogen lamps, you save 75% on electricity. As a result, you save on your energy bills. The low voltage power supply associated with LED downlights also increase electrical safety.

Sonar Tricolour Wall Light

2: Environmentally Friendly

LED downlights contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases such as mercury or tungsten. This means they are safer for the environment and your family. They also utilise direct lighting, meaning they don’t create the same light pollution of traditional lighting. And, because they produce cold light, LEDs are ideal for indoor plants, which in turn help the air quality in your home. Thanks to their environmentally friendly nature, LEDs lower your carbon footprint up to a third.

LED downlights have no high-powered discharge, which can have a detrimental affect on the eyes. They also omit not UV light, thus eradicating the possibility of skin damage.

LED lights are also recyclable, meaning you can dispose of them efficiently. Choosing LED lighting means not only choosing toxin and pollutant free lighting, but also possible to recycle.

Patrol Tricolour LED Security Light Australia

3: Directional Lighting

Standard lights emit light in all directions due to how they operate. The only way to direct their light is using a shade or reflector. LED downlights are ideal for directional lighting as they are designed to shine in a specific way. You can point LED lights exactly where you want them, to create a comfortable, welcoming ambience.

280mm Slimline Tricolour Led Ceiling Light

4: Less Heat

Traditional lighting gets hot, which can be a problem if lights are set close to wear people will be sitting, sleeping or working. Not only do traditional lights make a space warmer, there is always the risk of someone burning themselves on a bulb.

LED lights produce no heat, which not only protects the safety of those around the lights, but also helps with climate control.


5: Colours and Designs

LED downlights are available in a wide range of colours and shades. This allows you to beautifully define the right style, setting and ambience for your room. While being cold to the touch, LEDs are able to produce the same soft, warm glow of incandescent lighting. LED lights can also be dimmed and they maintain their true colours.

LED lighting

6: Easy to Install and Maintain

LED Downlights are easy for professionals to install and uninstall. Once an LED downlight is installed, there’s nothing more you need to do to maintain them.  +

Always ensure you have a qualified electrician install your downlights.

7: Lengthy Lifetime

LED downlights have incredible lifetimes. Most LED lights will last up to 50,000 hours. This means they last 2400% longer than regular light bulbs, depending on average use. Most LED lighting comes with a two-year warranty, compared to the 1 year warranty of standard lights. LED downlights also immediately switch on, with no warm-up time.

8: Durability

LED downlights are highly durable and with powder coated surface finishes to protect from corrosion, meaning they can be installed indoors and outdoors.

The brightness of the lights slowly fade, over time, giving you plenty of time to replace them.

This means you enjoy the convenience of not changing light bulbs on a regular basis.

LED lighting

9: Versatility

LED downlights can be installed and used inside and outside, with no effect on the lighting quality in the space. These lights are also fully operational in all types of weather conditions. Lightweight and brighter than traditional lighting solutions, LED downlights are flexible, versatile, and adaptable.

10: No Distractions

How can lighting be a distraction? Some traditional lighting choice produce an annoying and distracting humming noise. Others emit radio frequency interference, causing issues with phone, internet, radios and television reception. LED downlights are silent and emit no radio interference. And, unlike traditional lighting, LED downlights won’t flicker, which is perfect for those with photo-sensitivity.