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The Benefits of Energy Star Rated LED Down Lights

Most purchasers of LED down lights continue to consider only lumen output (or light emitted), beam angle, wattage and the option of dimmer functionality. An equally important element is whether the LED down light is Energy Star rated. LEDs with an Energy Star rating have met a stringent set of rigorous criteria. They also offer measurable benefits to a household

Benefits of LED Lights

  • They are equal or greater in brightness compared to CFL or halogen globes;
  • Light output is constant over time, lasting a minimum of 35,000 hours;
  • The colour quality is excellent, appearing clear and consistent over time;
  • The LEDs are20% to 30% more efficient than CFL/fluorescent lighting;
  • The light comes on instantly when turned on;
  • There is no flicker when dimmed;
  • The off-state power draw is not to exceed 0.5W

According to a study done by Energy Rating Australia in 2010, Australian households have an average of 20 down lights. 34% were highly inefficient halogen down lights with an average of 48W per light. This means that the average household will spend $645 per year for the entire household. This is assuming each light is on for an average of eight hours per day (at a cost of $32.24 per light).

Standard efficiency LED down lights running at 12W will cost the average household $8 per year per light, or $160 per year assuming the same conditions as the halogen lights. If a household were to replace standard efficiency LED downlights with the ultra-efficient Martec® Genesis a household would be able to save an additional 30% off their electric bill, bringing the cost to run 20 LED downlights to $110 per year, or $9 per month! The cost savings alone should be enough for the average household to see the long term benefits of switching to the Energy Star rated Martec® Genesis.

Compared to the average 48W halogen lights cited in the Energy Rating Australia study cited above, Martec® Genesis LED down lights can save the average household nearly $6500 over the Genesis’ lifetime! The Martec® Genesis offers unparalleled energy and cost efficiency.

With Martec’s® Genesis, households will save money and energy. Consumers, and the environment, win.