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Guest Blog: 6 Martec Products The Lighting Outlet Loves!

For this guest blog, The Lighting Outlet is very excited to showcase Martec Australia as one of our top stockists and go-to brands for downlights, LED lighting, commercial lighting, LED strips and profiles, fans, exhaust fans, and exterior lighting!

Out of the 50+ suppliers The Lighting Outlet uses, we find Martec to have the best balance of quality to pricing. Not only does Martec allow you to purchase modern, high-quality lights at the best price, they also provide an outstanding follow up service. Anytime we need assistance from Martec, they are swift to act and rectify, which is hard to find these days!

Through their commitment to give the best value lighting and fans as possible, we have been able to achieve confidence with our buyers, who love the overall quality and finishes of the Martec range. Martec also has ‘in home warranty’ on selected products, providing great peace of mind not only to us, but also to our customers. We know if something was to go wrong, Martec is on hand to fix the issue.

Finally, you will be pleased to know, Martec is 100% Australian owned and have over 40 years of lighting knowledge!

Here are six Martec lighting and fan products that The Lighting Outlet cannot recommend enough.

1. The Eclipse Oyster

Oyster lights are commonly known to be big, bulky lights leaving uneven shadows, however, the Eclipse is super slim-line and illuminating. A 36W LED model, turning out 3,000 lumens, the Eclipse ‘eclipses’ previous generations of oysters, and is by far The Lighting Outlet’s best selling LED oyster light.

With a 120⁰ beam angle, the oyster light illuminates brilliantly without shadows. It also has the capability to dim beautifully with decent quality dimmers. Some Eclipse Oysters even dim down to 0% with zero flickering. The Lighting Outlet recommends using the 4000k model, as it gives off the feel of a natural skylight in your home. Fully polycarbonate, the Eclipse is corrosion-free with zero pitting.

2. Blitz & Titan LED Downlights

It is very hard to choose which LED downlight to buy these days with so much choice on the market. However, The Lighting Outlet can confidently say Blitz and Titan LED downlights are our best selling LED downlights to date, as they have the highest lumen output for a $15 – $20 price range.

Whilst majority of companies compromise, offering less wattage for the same price, the Blitz and Titan offer value for brightness.

Some other great features include their colour changing temperature switch (located on the back) which is great for entertaining or matching newly painted lounge room walls to lights. The Blitz and Titan LED downlights are also fully polycarbonate, meaning you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Finally, these downlights life expectancy is over 50,000, equivalent to over 10 years, while also being able to fully dim down to 10%. Overall, a great, bright LED downlight with a very low failure rate.

3. Linear LED Bathroom Heater High Extraction 3-in-1

The Linear LED Bathroom Heater High Extraction is The Lighting Outlet’s favourite product from the Martec range – its finish exudes quality and style, whilst also being extremely practical.

The Linear exhaust fan ticks all the boxes, it’s heating technology means it extracts steam and moisture at a higher rate than comparable heat lamps and LED lights. It’s look is streamlined for your bathroom, and it comes with a 3 year “In Home Warranty” making it a product that inspires peace of mind and trust.

4. Elite Ceiling Fan

The Lighting Outlet has done very well in a short amount of time with Martec’s latest release of the Elite ceiling fan. Overwhelmingly, we’ve received responses of customer satisfaction that note the fans quality and finish. We can only assume this is because the fan resembles a product in the price range of $400 – $600, yet is sold at a fraction of that price.

At The Lighting Outlet, we have found over the past 12 months customers are researching and wanting more than just your standard white or silver fan. They want something that looks stylish with their room design, whilst not having to break their bank. The Elite fan allows customers to do this. It comes in six different models and one even provides the option to have it come with a light.

Again, Martec trust this product as it also holds a three year “In Home Warranty”. So install, sit back and be pleased to know you have peace of mind in making an excellent choice.

5. Fortress Series

Martec’s Fortress has been The Lighting Outlets best-selling sensor light from the beginning. The Fortress has the most variations out of all the suppliers, making it easy to satisfy customers with the right model. Your outdoor needs are sure to be met with options of double or single fittings, coming in your choice of warm-white or cool-white, with sensor or without sensor.

One of its distinct features that makes the Fortress stand out is its IP rating. Holding an IP rating of 65, no water or dust will be able to penetrate this fitting. The Fortress has a firm and solid construct, completed with a smooth and perfect paint finish. Complemented with 15W COB heads, the Fortress will light up a 10-20 metre area easily.

6. Lifestyle DC 52” Fan

You are sure never to go wrong with the Lifestyle Fan’s DC technology. Not only does it eliminate the irritating buzzing noise most fans achieve after a year or two, it will save on those hefting energy bills. This fan is included with a remote that has a 6 speed function, dimming abilities and choice of changing the colour temperature of the light, ready to suit whatever mood you may be in.

The Lifestyle DC Fan again is backed with the 3 year “In Home Warranty”, so take comfort in owning a reliable and durable ceiling fan. This fan without a doubt ticks all the boxes, and is why we, The Lighting Outlet, can’t recommend this Martec lifestyle fan enough.

*This guest blog is written by Mitchell Elworthy, owner of The Lighting Outlet and is not sponsored. All opinions are that of the author.