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Introducing the Malibu

It has been a long, hard year but the fun of Summer is finally approaching! And with the heat already beating down on us, we know a hot Summer is on the way. Now is the time to turn your thought to how to keep cool during the long, hot Summer days. Ceiling fans are not only a smart way of cooling your home but they make a great addition to your décor. They can also help improve the functionality of your air conditioner. To meet the changing needs of the Australian market, Martec has carefully and thoughtfully designed our new ceiling fan. Today, let us introduce the Malibu.

First Impressions of The Malibu

The Malibu is Martec’s latest 3-blade ceiling fan. It comes in two convenient formats – with or without light – to meet your needs, your room, and your décor. The fan is available in four different, stunning finishes: Matt Black/Bamboo, Old Bronze/Walnut, Black and classic White Satin to suit any décor and styling choices. The 3, precision moulded, pre-balanced aerodynamic blades are quiet, making them ideal for the use in small spaces. They are also a convenient 1320mm to suit your needs and your room.

The light-included model features a high quality, 15W tricolour LED light that features a 3-step dimmable function to change the comfort level in any room. And the reverse function is located conveniently on the remote control so you can quickly switch from summer to winter mode and take advantage of your ceiling fan all year round. The Summer mode is cooling in the Summer and the Winter mode helps distribute warm air in Winter.

Finally, the Malibu can be installed inside and in enclosed alfresco areas, which means you can stay cool and comfortable while entertaining outside.

The Innovative Features in The Malibu

The Malibu is a 1320mm, 3 ABS blade ceiling fan from the team at Martec. The non-rust ABS blades are tropical rated, meaning they can be used indoors as well as under cover outdoors. The energy efficient, brushless DC motor utilies the latest technology. This means the Malibu operates quietly, making it perfect for small rooms like bedrooms and studies, as well as large loungerooms.

This robust, industrialist designed fan from Martec is made from a durable metal body canopy construction. The ABS blades were chosen for their non-rust, non-corrosive, and non-fade features. This means your fan will last the test of time and be a talking point in your rooms for years. The Malibu is a smart investment with the precision moulded, pre-balanced, aerodynamic blades set at a 20o pitch for maximum ait movement performance in Winter or Summer mode.

The Malibu includes a 5 speed, DC remote control with an 8 hour timer with reversible function conveniently located on the handset for easy switching between Summer and Winter Reverse mode function. The quick connect remote comes with batteries included.

For the Malibu with light included, it features a stunning, high quality 15W tricolour LED light. It has a 3 stage step dimming function. It also has switchable colour temperatures meaning you can customise the warmth or coolness of the light in your room, based on the space and how you use it.



The Malibu has a hangsure angle canopy up to 15° maximum ceiling rake pitch. It features a 33W DC motor with a voltage range of 220-240V/50Hz. The Malibu’s diameter sits at 1320mm (52”) and has a height of 307mm.


The 3 blades have a blade degree pitch of 20° with an air movement range of m3/hr 10,200m3/hr. the Malibu also features a Summer/Winter mode for maximum useability of your ceiling fan, no matter the time of year.


The Malibu’s quick connect DC remote control features 5 speed fan setting, including timer function up to 8 hours with Summer/Winter reverse function and light off/on switch. Batteries are included.


The Malibu ceiling fan with light utilises high quality LED with  a rated LED lamp life of 35,000 hours. It has a light wattage of 15W and tricolour/lumens ranging from 3000K-1450lm, 4000K-1600lm, to 5000K-1650lm. It has a dimmable 3 stage step dimming function.


The Malibu has innovative, quick connect wiring and fittings for easy installation. It is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor installation. Malibu comes with a 6 year warranty comprised of a 3 year in-home and an additional 3 years on the motor, only.

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