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Is an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Worth It?

When entertaining during the sunny summer months in Australia, keeping cool is important. It allows us to stay outside all day and long into the evening. But setting up outdoor air conditioning is a waste of time, power, and money. Without four walls and/or a roof, your precious cool air will dissipate quickly without cooling you or your guests. Which is why outdoor ceiling fans are becoming popular for outdoor entertaining spaces.

Are you thinking about buying an outdoor ceiling fan? Wondering what kind of fan is right for your outdoor space? Today we’ll discuss – is an outdoor ceiling fan worth it?

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

1: Outdoor Fans Keep You Cool

The obvious benefit of outdoor ceiling fans is that it does a great job keeping you cool during the hot summer months. While air conditioning works perfectly indoors, a large outdoor fan is the next best thing. If you have any outdoor entertaining areas, or just a space you like to relax in outdoors, installing an outdoor fan is a perfect option.

2: Outdoor Lighting

One of the added bonuses of outdoor fans is you also get some extra outdoor lighting. And as most ceiling fans come with a light fixture, this can add more atmosphere and convenience for your outdoor entertainment. Outdoor fans with lights are also more convenient than relying on lamps, small lighting features, and candles (which carry their own risk!).

3: Pest Control

Outdoor ceiling fans can also help ward off pests like bugs and insects that can ruin evening parties and get-togethers. The air currents caused by the fan blades can help ward off insects which will, of course, make your outdoor gatherings more enjoyable and more comfortable.

4: Outdoor Fans Have Many Options

Ceiling fans are extremely customisable. They come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles to suit your needs, outdoor space, and styling to suit the mood you want to create in your space. This customisability gives you great options for staying cool outside, throughout summer.

What Makes an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Safe for Outdoor Use? outdoor ceiling fan

Unlike indoor ceiling fans, outdoor are constructed from metal and ABS plastic, well-known around the world as all-weather blades. Outdoor ceiling fans are built with galvanised tubular steel and powder-coated paint finishes that stop from corrosion and rust. Even the motor casing on an outdoor fan features a waterproof seal that helps protect it from moisture.

What Size Ceiling Fan do I Need Outdoors?

Like choosing an indoor fan, choosing the right size outdoor fan depends on the size of your space. Consider the square footage of your entertaining area then match that to a ceiling fan diameter. Remember, there is often a degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing the right size outdoor fan. For example, a standard ceiling fan is often 132cm (52”) in diameter. Of course, there are many fans that are smaller or larger than this average size.

But remember, the smaller the fan, the less space it will be able to cool due to the shortened blade span. A fan that’s too large will kick up too air, especially in small spaces. And no one wants to sit in the middle of a windstorm while trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon cup of tea.

The best thing to do is measure your space then speak to an expert, like the team at Martec, to help you find the perfect fan size for your outdoor space!

Where Should I Position the Ceiling Fan? cruise-50-no-light

If you want to position your fan directly over the area most used, then most outdoor fans should suit your space – as long as it’s the right size. However, if you’re having the outdoor fan installed off to the side, then it is better to consider a fan is slightly larger to ensure the airflow will properly cool your whole space.

If your space is divided into more than one section, then it might be best to have small fans for each separate space. This way, you don’t waste energy powering a large fan trying to cool the entire space. Instead, you only need to turn on a fan in the section/s being used.

However, it is important to remember that you need to choose a fan suited to the space. It needs to physically fit, ensuring the blades aren’t too close to the edges.

Finally, as we’ve explained above, aesthetics are important, too. This is purely personal preference. For example, do you want your fan to blend into your space without standing out? Or do you want your fan to become an eye-catching feature? Consider this when choosing the fan for your outdoor space.

Where Should I Use an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?


The classic addition to every Australian home, the veranda is the perfect entertaining space and the perfect space for a ceiling fan. It is perfect for cooling down during a hot summer day and taking advantage of cool evening breezes. Whether you want to lounge on the veranda after work, or entertain friends or family long into the evening, an outdoor fan is the perfect addition to your space.

outdoor ceiling fans


Even apartment living needs to have some escape during the warmer months. Installing an outdoor fan on a balcony – especially apartments that had winter gardens or enclosed balconies – can help cool down spaces that are normally too hot to use in summer. Let the movement of the air produced by an outdoor fan will protect you from unpleasant heat or humidity.


Sunroom or garden room, these are both popular places for creating indoor-outdoor spaces. Whether it’s for your home, office, or a restaurant, this open space provides fresh air, sunlight, and the sense of being outdoors, while still being sheltered from unwanted outdoor elements. However, with the wide-open space and many windows, sunrooms can quickly become uncomfortable – especially in spring and summer. An outdoor fan or a series of outdoor fans across different sections of your space is an essential addition to a sunroom during the warmer months.


Not everyone uses their garage for storing their cars. In fact, for many, it is the perfect place for a workshop. And it is the perfect place for an outdoor ceiling fan. Not only can it make the space cooler, but it can help filter out any bad smells in the garage. Garages get hot, especially in summer and spring. And an outdoor fan, with the right IP rating can handle any solids kicked up by the workplace.

Looking for the perfect outdoor ceiling fan? Not sure where to start? Explore the Martec range online today! Or chat with one of our team members to find the perfect ceiling fan for your needs. We can find you the ideal fan to keep you cool during the summer months.