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Lockdown DIY Products from Martec

At this stage, we have all been impacted by necessary shutdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). With the prospect of weeks and even months isolated at home, many Australians are turning to new ways to spend their time. If you have been putting off DIY or home improvement projects, now is the best time to do so! Small home improvement jobs are quick to do but also satisfying and fulfilling – something that we are all looking for in these uncertain times.

Further, the right home improvements and renovations can even add value to your home, while also making it a pleasant place to live. Whether you are updating a bathroom, living space or even outdoor area, new accessories and hardware can give them all a new look.

Martec has a wide range of DIY products to help you update your home during the shutdowns and lockdowns. We’ve listed a few of them below!

Bathroom DIY Products from Martec

Looking to update your bathroom during the COVID-19 shutdowns? While new blinds, tapware or a fresh coat of paint can refresh a bathroom, a new exhaust fan can also help improve your bathroom space. Exhaust fans help remove moisture from the air, protecting your fixtures, woodwork, tiles and paintwork from damage and warping. They also help prevent the growth of mould and mildew which can be a threat to yours and your family’s health. Martec has a range of DIY products available for your home and bathroom!

Tetra II Square Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Martec’s Tetra II square bathroom exhaust fan has a superior blade design for maximum air and steam extraction. It is a high performance fan with quiet operation, perfect for small to medium sized bathrooms.

The Tetra is perfect for DIY installation. It comes fitted with a plug and lead, making it easy to install to a ceiling using a quick mount swivel clip. The lead/cord is 1m long and features a 3 pin plug. Martec’s Tetra also features a high performance, ball bearing motor, 100mm side exhaust duct to prevent ceiling objects falling through, and a removable fascia for easy cleaning.

Core exhaust fan

Core Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Martec’s Core is an extraction exhaust fan that delivers excellent air extraction with its turbo fan blade. And with a sleek, modern design and long-life, ball bearing motor, the Core is perfect for most areas of your home. It is especially suited for small and medium sized residential bathrooms with its signature quiet operation.

The Core also features a removable grill, to make cleaning easier, and comes in a white finish to suit most modern bathrooms. It is the ideal DIY project to improve the comfort of your bathroom.

Gyro Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This modern exhaust fan from the experts at Martec comes in white or silver with a modern circular design perfect for any residential bathroom. This innovative bathroom exhaust fan can extract 240 cubic metres of warm, moist air per hour.

Despite its powerful air extraction capabilities, the Gyro features Martec’s innovative quiet operation coupled with a powerful turbo fan blade. The Gyro has a side ducted outlet with built in side ducting and a removable grill for easy cleaning.

Jet DIY exhaust fan

Jet Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan DIY Products

The Jet from Martec is an exhaust fan featuring superior blade design for maximum air and steam extraction. This high performance exhaust fan is suitable for small and medium sized residential bathrooms thanks to Martec’s signature quiet operation.

The perfect DIY project, the Jet comes with 1m flex cord/lead and a 3 pin plug. It features a removable fascia for easy cleaning and a built in draft stopper for energy efficient performance. And with an IPX2 rating it is perfect for any bathroom!

Lighting DIY Products from Martec

Looking to give your backyard and entertaining areas a little update? Martec has a range of solar, floodlight and PIR options to suit your needs!

Atlas outdoor wall LED DIY

Atlas 3W Solar Wall Light with PIR Sensor

Martec’s Atlas is a modern, multifunctional LED solar powered wall light. It incorporates PIR motion sensors to control the LED light. The Atlas is constructed from durable UV stabilised ABS plastic, making it the perfect option for general purpose areas including gardens, pathways, garages and sheds.

The PIR sensor detects motion in a 90° area up to 7m distance with a light beam angle of 120°. Martec’s Atlas has 6 x 0.5W SMD LEDs, with 5000K light colour temperature and 300 lumens. The LED lights will last up to 60 minutes continuous use at full bright ness when fully charged. The kit comes with the hardware pack, 2 wall plugs and 2 screws.

DIY Products

10W DIY Guard Tricolour LED Security Flood Light

The Guard tricolour LED security floodlight is a durable, outdoor lighting solution with a modern appearance. Martec’s Guard is constructed from premium grade aluminium with a tempered glass front cover and a durable, black powder coated finish.

This light requires no electrician for installation, making it perfect for your DIY needs. The Guard comes with pre-wired 600mm cable and a 3 pin mains plug, as well as a stainless steel hanging bracket. Perfect for outdoor use, the Guard has an IP65 weather resistant rating and an inbuilt tricolour waterproof switch. Each of Martec’s Guard security flood light features a 10W tricolour LED light and high efficiency SMD-LED chips. It also comes with a high performance aluminium reflector.

The Guard Tricolour LED security flood light also comes in 20W, 50W and 100W versions, as well as a PIR motion sensor range, to suit all your outdoor needs!

Looking to do a little DIY around the house? Want great DIY products that stand the test of time? Explore the Martec range today! Our expert staff are happy to answer any questions you might have!