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Martec is a fully ISO accredited company

Martec is a fully ISO accredited companyEach Martec product features meticulous workmanship and the finest materials available. Our ceiling fan motors are one of the best-performing in the industry, and our exhaust fans use ball-bearing motors for longer life and superior performance. Martec products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry and comply with Australian Standards in quality, design and safety.

Martec is a fully ISO accredited company, so you can rest assured of our quality, commitment to service, and innovative product development.

Martec offers a wide array of products and accessories to match any décor. Combining beauty and technological innovation, our ceiling fans, bathroom heaters, exhaust fans and energy-efficient lighting add to the comfort and ambiance of any room.

Of special note are our ceiling fan combinations. They are highly versatile and are available with exclusive finishes and designs, universal remote-control options and easily adaptable light fixtures.

There’s no better way to add the finishing touch to a room than with a Martec ceiling fan. Martec ceiling fans excel in beauty and style, and are built to last. With so many ceiling fans and accessories to choose from, you can always find the perfect choice for years of enjoyment and comfort.