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Martec’s Patrol LED Security Light

Patrol Tricolour LED Security Light Australia

Not only does Martec deliver quality ceiling fans, extraction fans with lighting, it also delivers cutting edge exterior lighting and security flood lighting. Introducing our newest product the Patrol Tricolour LED Security Light. Secure your home with Martec’s latest floodlight with all the bells and whistles your accustom to with the high-quality Martec range.

Floodlight your home with the Patrol

This 20KW Tricolour LED single floodlight is perfect for entryways, alfresco, garages and walkways around your home. You can adjust the color temperature of this floodlight to 3000k, 4000k or 5000k. This energy-saving LED floodlight has a life span of up to 25,000 hrs. It is also energy saving with a timer inbuilt to minimize energy costs. This floodlight requires installation by a qualified electrician.


Motion Sensor

The Patrol has a built-in passive infrared sensor (PIR) Motion Detector. This feature is ideal for protecting your home from intruders and welcoming guests as they arrive at your home. Boasting a 120-degree beam angle, this energy effective floodlight will pick up movement from 12 meters away. It will also activate with a sensor angle of 180 degrees.

Patrol Tricolour LED Security Light Buy

Aesthetics of the Patrol LED Security Light

The Patrol LED Security Light with Motor Sensor is a sleek modern looking design, that comes in black. This strong and robust sensor floodlight is designed for outdoor use. With an IP rating of 44. When installed this light and motion sensor will sit 137mm from the wall. The actual overall size of the unit is 160mm x 218mm. The Patrol Security Light has a 2-year replacement warranty.

If you are in the market for new outdoor security lighting then you will not be disappointed with Martec’s new Patrol LED Security Light with (PIR) Motion Detection. This unit is a strong and robust flood light with adjustable light, time and motion settings. Visit our product page or contact us today for more information!