Commercial Lighting

Tradetec by Martec is Australia’s leading commercial lighting supplier. We offer a wide range of lighting products for offices, retail, restaurants, and everything in between. Create a bright, welcoming feeling in your store today with our downlights and commercial LED outdoor lighting.

The commercial lights you choose have a huge impact on your business. Choosing the right lights can do everything from improving employee productivity to making your space seem more enticing to customers. As a result, the right choice of lighting can make a significant improvement to your bottom line. Our high-quality parts and finishes mean you will always find what you need to decorate your space.

As a lighting specialists, we supply a wide variety of high quality LED lights that are trusted for their durability. Whether you are designing the perfect lighting for your new commercial space or updating an existing business, you can find the right options with Tradetec to create the perfect feel for your space.

As Australia’s most innovative commercial lighting supplier, we offer a wide range of lights to suit the needs of your business. From LED battens to highbays, oyster lights to emergency lighting, Tradetec has everything you need for your commercial premises.

The Importance of Commercial Lighting

Lighting is all too often overlooked when designing a retail environment. But it is an integral part of the customer’s shopping experience. By using the right lighting solution, you invite customers into your store, encouraging them to spend more time browsing and ultimately improving sales. You can even use lighting to surreptitiously highlight certain products or features.

Office Lighting

Office lighting is far more than just a functional requirement. This type of commercial lighting can improve productivity, create zones in open plan offices, and give both staff and visitors a positive, professional impression. Lighting is part of any strategic planning for a new office build or updating an existing office space. Some areas might need strategic, task lighting. Other areas might need warmer, softer light. Tradetec provides all the lighting you might need to fit out an office space.

Explore our range of commercial ceiling lights and outdoor lighting and brighten up your shop today! Or if you need assistance choosing the right lighting for your space, contact the team at Tradetec by Martec. We can help you find the right solution for your needs.