LED Highbays

Martec remains on the forefront of lighting innovation. As such, we supply a wide range of LED Highbays for those who embrace the change from wasteful alternatives, as well as cost effective solutions.

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Our Highbays are the best lights on the marketing, producing incredible highlights. As a result, they are ideal for large spaces and high ceilings. Martec’s LED Highbays are also perfect for modern spaces, and businesses, as well as storehouses and retail locations.

Normal bay lights are restrictive in spaces with high ceilings. This includes gyms, stadiums, warehouses and other large spaces. As a result, Martec’s LED Highbays are specifically designed to suit hard-to-light spaces.

Further, LED lighting does not radiate heat, meaning you don’t have any additional costs when it comes to cooling, aeration, and security. They are also highly durable and feature a highly consistent lighting. Finally, LED lights utilise less energy than traditional lighting, saving you money!