Tradetec Lighting

Tradetec Lighting by Martec supplies a wide range of commercial lighting options for your business.

We supply Slimline Ceiling Emergency Exit Lights that you can mount to ceilings or walls for ease. Tradetec also supplies Slimfire Emergency Lighting to ensure the safety of your workplace, staff and customers.

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Our team also offers our premier Tradetec Arte lighting, suitable for both commercial and household use. These energy saving lights are cost-efficient while providing the best in lighting. You can also easily cover these lights with insulation for a seamless look.

Tradetec and Martec provide the ultimate in downlight and commercial quality at an incredible, affordable price. Featuring a wide range of finishes to suit your design needs. We also have lighting solutions available for indoors, outdoors, bathrooms and under eaves.

Further, many pieces in our commercial range can utilise the Martec dimmer, allowing you to create the perfect ambience in your space.

Tradetec by Martec is an iconic Australian brand, and is highly respected in the industry. We created Martec to suit the needs of modern trades and design, the contemporary, no fuss designs. We keep costs low and affordable, making Tradetec Lighting perfect for builders, electricians, and consumers looking for energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting.