This outdoor LED batten light is made with an energy efficient, tubeless design in order to keep electricity costs down. It's also built with high impact, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate to ensure it's long lasting. Being IP65 rated, it's also developed to resist rough weather conditions. Modern LED batten lights are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube lighting. LED lighting uses the traditional shape of tube lighting but with the benefits of LED. This means you save time and money, with LED lighting needing far less maintenance and replacement parts. Further, compared to traditional tube lighting, LED batten lights are more stylish, working with a wide variety of home décor and commercial needs. The 40W Tricolour LED features an IP65 rating. An IP rating refers to whether the light is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. If you want to install your batten lighting outdoors, then you should be looking for an IP65 rating. This is a high rating which indicates your lights have protection from water and dust. If you are buying lights for indoor installation, you can still utilise an IP65 rated light, as it still protects against dust and physical impacts. However, it is safe to choose as low as an IP20 rating.

Ideal Usage for the 40W Tricolour LED Weatherproof Batten

With its weatherproof, practical design, this outdoor LED batten light light is ideal for use in many situations.  These include communal areas, e.g. carparks, garages, stairwells and corridors; Industrial building such as workshops, factories and other industrial environments. This LED batten light is also useful for storage areas, schools and public amenities. It's also a great option to brighten up outdoor eaves, patios and pergolas. The included battery backup will help ensure that this light continues to work in the event of a power outage. This model is also available without a backup, with a motion sensor, or with both backup and sensor. Our 40w weatherproof batten is also features a IK08 rating, to make it less vulnerable to damage by vandals. Not the exact outdoor LED batten light you were looking for? Browse our other commercial batten lights, including indoor options. If you are looking for advice on the best light for your needs, contact the team at Martec today.
  • Corrosion resistant IP65 weatherproof polycarbonate body
  • Stainless steel tamper proof clips for added security
  • Ceiling or suspended mounting
  • High impact polycarbonate diffuser
  • Vandal resistant IK08 rated
  • Waterproof connectible cable gland and lock nut
  • Provides excellent light distribution using Tricolour SMD LED technology
  • Select either 3000k, 4000k, or 6500k light colour temperature setting
  • 40W Tricolour LED light
  • Complete with 4 x high-temperature Lithium-ion phosphate battery cells
  • 16 hrs charge time; 2 hrs emergency light duration with manual test button and indicator light
  • Lithium-ion battery, with continuous trickle charging
  • Large terminal block for easy installation
Switchable Tricolour Lumens
4800lm max
Colour temperature
3000k / 4000k / 6500k
Beam Angle
Size (mm)
1200 x 96 x 79
High impact polycarbonate diffuser
LED Type
Approximate lamp life
Weather resistance rating
Operating temperature
-20°C to +40°C
Impact resistance rating


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