Jet 250mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan

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The Jet 250mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan features a superior blade design for maximum air & steam extraction. This high performance exhaust fan is suitable for small to medium sized bathrooms. Your bathroom exhaust fan plays an important role in keeping your bathroom clean and free of mould and mildew. It does this by extracting humidity, moisture, heat and odours from the air and expelling it outside the home. Without an exhaust fan, you could suffer from a build-up of moisture. This not only damages your walls, but also trigger the growth of mildew. Further, you could suffer from wood warping, and rotting drywall and furnishings. So it is important to maintain your exhaust fan. As a result, the Jet is also ideal for DIY home installation, coming equipped with 1m cord and 3 pin plug. It features powerful air extraction with quiet operation, making it ideal for small to medium residential homes. It also utilises Martec's signature high performance, long life ball bearing motor. This helps ensure you always get the best out of your bathroom exhaust fan. The Jet 250mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan also has a removable fascia for easy cleaning, and has a built in draft stopper for energy efficient performance. If your bathroom mirror gets foggy after taking a shower, then your exhaust fan isn’t doing its job. Your bathroom exhaust fan removes heat, moisture, odours and humidity from the air, stopping your bathroom from becoming a breeding ground for mould and mildew. If you are looking for a way to improve your home or replace your current exhaust fan, then the Jet might be the perfect option for you. Explore the information below for more on the Jet or contact the team today for more information. Martec is here to help with all your DIY needs and questions.
  • DIY installation fitted with a flex and plug
  • Powerful air extraction
  • High performance long life ball bearing motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Removable fascia for easy cleaning
  • Includes 1 metre cord and 3 pin plug
  • Built in draft stopper for energy efficient performance
Motor Type
Ball bearing
Exhaust air movement (m³/hr)
IP Rating
Fascia size (mm)
272mm diameter
Cut out size (mm)
242mm diameter


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