Profile Panel 4 High Performance Heater Fan Exhaust with 12W Tricolour LED Light

The Profile Panel 4 High Performance Heater is Martec’s innovative 4 light bathroom exhaust. This 3-in-1 is a high quality heater fan exhaust unit. It is specifically engineered to operate quietly, despite the powerful motor and fan. Featuring a slimline look, the range has a draft stopper and easy side vent access for safety and ease of cleaning. Featuring industry leading heating functions, the Profile is the perfect 3-in-1 for your bathroom.

The Profile Panel 4 features a powerful and efficient turbo fan blade design, this 4 heater fan exhaust light has a high performance, ball bearing motor that ensures quiet operation. The ultra modern, low profile design makes the unit for small to medium sized bathrooms. This high quality unit also features a draft stopper and easy side access for safety and cleaning.

Martec’s 4 heater fan exhaust light features a 12W 3000k/4000k/5000k Tricolour LED light. It also has four 275W infrared heat lamps for instant, radiant heat.

With a 3 gang wall switch, the Profile Panel 4 High Performance Heater has switchable heat settings to either 100% heat capacity or 50% heat options. It also comes complete with 3m of flexible aluminum ducting, for ease of use and installation.

And, for your peace of mind, the range comes with a two-year replacement warranty.

Profile Panel 4 Benefits

While it is an often-overlooked part of the bathroom, your exhaust fan is integral. Further, while their main purpose is to remove moisture from the air and the bathroom, they also add to your safety. By removing excess moisture, your exhaust fan helps prevent mould and mildew forming, which can be hazardous to your family. The benefits of an exhaust fan, like the Martec Profile Panel 4, include eliminating odours and creating a clean atmosphere for you and your family. Martec’s exhaust fans also provide industry leading bathroom ventilation.

Further, exhaust fans are integral for reducing humidity and removing excess moisture from the air which helps protect paint, fixtures and wood. It also helps prevent the growth of mould in your bathroom, as well as reducing contaminants, extract harsh cleaning chemicals from the air, and prevent foggy mirrors.

For further information, explore the product specifications and features below. Martec also provides a handy, downloadable specification guide for the Profile Panel 4. Or contact the expert team at Martec today for more information.

  • Turbo blade fan design
  • 12W Tricolour LED light
  • Includes 4 x 275W infrared instant heat lamps
  • Powerful high air/steam extraction exhaust fan
  • Modern ultra-low profile design
  • Includes 3m of flexible aluminium ducting
  • High performance ball bearing motor
  • Self-closing back shutter
  • Internal thermal safety switch
  • Switchable heat settings to either 100% heat capacity or easily switch to reduce heat to 50% percent heat option
Profile Panel 4
220v – 240v
Exhaust air movement (m³/hr)
Motor Type
Ball bearing
Light Type
Tricolour LED
Light wattage
Colour temperature
3000k / 4000k / 5000k Switchable
Weather resistance rating
Controller Type
4 gang wall switch included
Fascia size (mm)
L480 x W360 x H200mm
Cut out size (mm)
435 x 275mm
Side duct outlet diameter (mm)
Aluminium duct
125 x 3000mm


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