Razor 52″ Ceiling Fan with 28W LED Light

Razor 52" Ceiling Fan with 28W LED Light by Martec is an ultra slim, simple and elegant profile fan. It is built with the quality and performance expected from Martec. The Razor fan is made from full die cast aluminium housing. Further, the simplicity of the fan does not sacrifice its performance or reliability. Our Razor fan also comes in white or modern brushed aluminium finish. The Razor 52" Ceiling Fan with 28W LED Light is a super modern minimalistic ceiling fan. It features an attractive ultra slim profile and dimmable super slim LED light. It is a high quality ceiling fan and remote control adaptable. Ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool in Australia's hot summer months, and are an energy saving option that really work. Martec has a wide range of stunning ceiling fan options, including the Razor fan, at the fraction of the cost of air conditioning. We have designs that work with your budget and design needs. Further, our innovative designs, like the Razor 52" Ceiling Fan with 28W LED Light are popular throughout Australia. Let Martec help you meet all your decor needs. Explore the Razor 52" Ceiling Fan with 28W LED Light specifications below to find out, today, if our Razor fan is right for you!
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  • Anti rust die cast aluminium body
  • 28W dimmable LED light that has a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Fully reversible for summer & winter use
  • Powerful and efficient 69W motor
  • Remote adaptable with MPREM | MPAPP | MPLCD
Rotational Diameter
52" (1300mm)
Blade Material
Sealed solid plywood
Blade Pitch
Motor Wattage
Motor Type
AC Motor
Controller Type
3 speed wall control with light switch
Summer / Winter Reverse
Installation Location
Indoor only
1 Speed | 2 Speed | 3 Speed
0.22A I 0.16A I 0.12A
53.7W I 29.4W I 15.3W
Light Type
Light Colour
3000K, 5000K and CCT (3000K / 4000K / 5000K)
3000K - 1845lm | 5000K - 2050lm
Yes - Only with the MPLCD remote
Warranty Period

3 year In home warranty

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    How Does Ripple Control Affect LED Lights?
    A flickering LED light is the most common complaint arising from ripple control, which is generated when usually but not only when the light is dimmed and the ripple control frequency is in the line, usually between 300Hz and 1300Hz.

    The Flickr is often, but not always, intermittent depending on when the ripple control signals are being transmitted. It is normally at certain times i.e. 6 pm and then again at 8:30 pm and will only last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and when the power company stops sending the signal the flicker stops.

    People often notice it most acutely in the night when off-peak hot water systems are turned on. ALL brands of LED drivers are affected by these ripple control signals.


    Why Doesn’t Martec have Ripple Control Filters in their LED Drivers?
    Ripple control is not the norm and in many environments. While Martec does sympathise with the few customers who do experience a problem, it is not cost effective to build an Electronic Driver that rejects all ripple control frequencies given the small proportion of people affected, a cost that would have to ultimately be borne by all customers.

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