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Smart LED Lighting for Improved Security

Filling your property with light at night may make you feel safer. But it could also be making your home less secure, highlighting entry points and providing deep, dark shadows around your property. Further, a poorly designed security lighting system will waste money, decrease safety. And could also invite an unwanted guest into your home.

Fortunately there is a solution. With a little thought and the right products – such as Martec’s new Fortress light – you can improve the security of your home, while saving money.

All you have to do is follow these five simple steps:


First, you need to identify where you need lighting. Common areas include:

Entry points such as the front, side and back doors
Paths where regular night time access is required
Footpath and driveway gates
To prevent trips and falls, these areas need to be well-lit; unfortunately, 56% of break-ins occur in the home via the front and rear doors alone. Therefore, it’s recommended to use movement sensors, so you have light when you need it, and will be alerted to an unwanted guest.


Ask yourself why this area needs to be well-lit. Is it to illuminate hazards on a path? Remove a hiding place for a possible intruder? Or is it simply to make yourself feel safer?

Asking yourself why an area needs lighting ensures you only place lights where they’re really needed. This also helps determine what sort of lighting and positioning is required. Providing lighting in areas you don’t use will simply provide illumination for an additional entry point or a well-lit canvas for an intruder.


Using the right lights is just as important as where they’re positioned. For lighting of larger areas, use targeted lighting with a low ground-to-glare ratio and ensure the lights are pointed downward rather than outward. For softer lighting on paths and stairs, employ outdoor up and down lighting, to cast soft light that illuminates where to put your feet, without dazzling the eyes and reducing night vision.


Lights on motion detectors are ideal for optimal security and energy consumption. By only turning on when there is movement, motion sensor lights provide illumination when you need it, without highlighting entry points or vandalism targets. Furthermore, they alert you and your neighbours to an intruder and save power as soon as movement is no longer detected.


This is the easy part, as the Martec Fortress is ideal for home security use.

Features include:

  • a built-in movement sensor
  • a 120 degree beam provides light without excessive glare
  • a waterproof casing for longevity

Best of all, these benefits are delivered by energy-efficient LED technology. LED also consumes less power and ensures you never have to chose between safety and savings.