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Taipan LED Ribbon Home Lighting Solutions

LED lights are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to update the decor of your home. Not surprisingly, the Internet is full of inspiring ideas for how to fully utilise the technology of LEDs. In this blog post, we’ve pulled together some of the best ideas. You can also view more creative ideas on our Pinterest board LED Strip Lighting Ideas.

Illuminating kitchen work benches and storage

A badly-lit kitchen can be frustrating to work in. If you’ve moved into a house with an established kitchen, it can often be expensive to install lights to illuminate stove tops and benches. LED strip lighting that is installed to run along alcoves and cupboard overhangs is an inexpensive solution that will not only solve the problem, but also looks great.

Bathroom Mirrors

Similar to existing kitchens, older bathrooms can often lack the light you need to get a close shave or apply perfect makeup. Strip lighting installed along the top and bottom or sides of the mirror provides even light, without causing dark shadows.


Taipan ribbon LEDs can be used to improve the safety and appearance of indoor and outdoor stairs. Whether running along the edge of each step or the skirting, LED lights provide illumination to ensure everyone steps safely. The lights can also highlight architectural features, such as sweeping staircase or floating steps.

Wardrobes and Cupboards

Searching through ill-lit cupboards and wardrobes is a disheartening experience. LED ribbon lights are ideal in this situation. Unlike globe lights, which take up additional space and need a solid backing, LED ribbon lights can be attached nearly anywhere, making them perfect for even the smallest of spaces.


Ribbons of LEDs are ideal for highlighting architectural features such as ceiling details and display shelves. Rather than lose these attractive parts of your home to the shadows, bring them front and centre with thoughtful LED Lighting.

Installing LED lights

Ribbon LED lights are easy to install, even for a DIY novice. The first step is to choose the colour you want – 3000K lights will give off a warm white light, while the 5000K lights give a more neutral tone. Then it’s a matter of length – Martec has lengths of 1, 3 and 5 metres available, which can be extended or trimmed with the included joining and cutting kit.

Once you’ve purchased your lights, the real fun begins! Martec has two models of LED ribbon lighting, one with a ‘glue back’ and one without. With the glue back, you merely peel back the facing and stick into position. For a slightly stronger hold, you can apply your own adhesive to the non-glue back model. Then run the cord to the nearest power point and you’re done!

Make the most of your home today – browse our Pinterest board for more LED ribbon inspiration.