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Top 6 Features of Modern Batten Lighting

20W TRICOLOUR LED BATTEN LIGHT Batten lighting has come a long way from the rickety, flickering fluorescent lights we all remember from childhood. Modern battens have a wide range of different options, from LED to cutting edge solar while maintaining bright light and wide beam angles. As a result, we are seeing a boom in the popularity of batten lighting in homes and businesses.

What is Batten Lighting?

Modern LED batten lights are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube lighting. LED lighting uses the traditional shape of tube lighting but with the benefits of LED. This means you save time and money, with LED lighting needing far less maintenance and replacement parts. Further, compared to traditional tube lighting, LED batten lighting is more stylish, working with a wide variety of home décor and commercial needs. Today we are discussing the top 6 features of modern batten lighting that you need to know about!

1: IP Ratings for Weatherproof Batten Lighting

An IP rating refers to whether the light is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. If you want to install your batten lighting outdoors, then you should be looking for an IP65 rating. This is a high rating which indicates your lights are protected from water and dust.

If you are buying lights for indoor installation, you can still utilise an IP65 rated light, as it still protects against dust and physical impacts. However, it is safe to choose as low as an IP20 rating.

2: LED Batten Lighting vs. Fluorescent Tubing

Modern batten lighting options feature LED lighting, as opposed to traditional fluorescent options. Fluorescent lighting is not only outdated, it can be dangerous. Many fluorescent lights contain toxic materials, including mercury and phosphor. Not only does this cause issues with waste disposal, broken bulbs can release a small amount of toxic chemicals as a gas.

Fluorescent lights also age significantly when in frequent use. This means that, if your lights are connected to motion sensors, or are constantly being switched, your fluorescent lighting may burn out even faster.


Finally, fluorescent lights are omnidirectional. This means they produce light in 360 degrees, which is largely insufficient because at least half of the light needs to be reflected and redirected to the area you want to light. This means you need more accessories to direct the light, meaning you need to spend more money.

On the other hand, LED lighting has an extremely long lifespan, relative to other lighting technologies. LED lighting is also extremely energy efficient, due to infrared technology. They also emit light directionally, over 180 degrees, which means there are far fewer issues with redirecting and reflecting light. LED batten lighting is very high quality, with low maintenance costs and hassles.

3: Size of Modern Batten Lighting

LED batten lighting comes in a variety of size options, making them a fantastic option for homes, warehouses and businesses. Both large and small lighting options are available, in solar and LED, making your decisions easier.

4: Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a crucial aspect in choosing modern LED lighting. Especially so if you are installing lighting in car parks, warehouses, garages, workshops, kitchens, etc. Martec batten lighting comes in a wide range, including 6000k, meaning you can find the right solution for your site. 5-6000k helps keep the brain active and alert, while 3-4000k softens the light to create ambience and warmth.

5: Solar Power Batten Lighting

Martec offers cutting edge solar-powered batten lighting. These are the ultimate, portable and versatile lighting solutions, especially for outdoor installation. Our kits provide you with everything you need to keep your garden, home or business ecologically and efficiently lit. Our kits also feature a 5V USB port for convenient charging of compatible devices. It also has an external switch for light kit operation.

Our Solar lighting is perfect for those wanting the best in lighting, while minimising their carbon footprint.

6: Inbuilt PIR Sensor

What is a PIR sensor? Also known as passive infrared sensors, these electronic sensor devices measure infrared light radiating from objects in the sensor’s field of view. They are used, commonly, in PIR motion detectors, like those used by Martec. When a warm body, like a human or an animal, passes by the PIR sensor, it detects the form and the movement. In the case of Martec lighting, this triggers the light to turn on. PIR motion detectors are not only great security devices, they are fantastic at night. You don’t need to go fumbling for a light switch, or resort to using your phone as a torch. The PIR motion detector will sense your movement and turn on.

Further, our inbuilt PIR sensors reduce power consumption on dark days.

Martec is proud to provide our cutting edge solar batten lighting to the Australian market. If you are looking to replace your old, inefficient fluorescent lighting, explore our range of options, today!