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Ultra-Efficient LED Ceiling Fans

Due to the reduced price of LED technology, Martec®has been able to develop a high value, ultra-efficient, super bright LED down light ceiling fan: the Martec® Lifestyle™ LED.

The Lifestyle™ LED combines the best features of Martec®’s extremely popular and durable Lifestyle™ series with the ultra-efficient SMD LED technology that powers all of Martec®’s LED downlights. The Martec Lifestyle™ series has a proven track record of being one of Australia’s most reliable and durable ceiling fans currently on the market which saves households money and also increases the aesthetic look and feel of any room. The entire Lifestyle™LED has been engineered to provide the greatest benefit to a household. It saves electricity, money and energy due to its extreme efficiency.

According to a 2010 Energy Australia study, which compared the energy efficiency of a ceiling fans to a ducted or split air conditioning system the ceiling fan was, not surprisingly, more efficient. However, what was surprising was how much more efficient the ceiling fan was than the air conditioning systems. In one year the ceiling fan used 3% of the total energy an air conditioning system uses in one month!

A problem with some ceiling fans is that the super-efficient nature of the fan is negated. This is due to the light fitting not being energy efficient as well. Thankfully, Martec’s all new Lifestyle™ LED ceiling fan solves this inefficiency problem by pairing the super-efficient nature of a ceiling fan with the ultra-efficient properties of a SMD LED.The Lifestyle LED ceiling fans utilizes a 24W SMD LED down lights, producing a warm white colour (3000K)with a total lumen output of 1800lm. Additionally, the Lifestyle™ LED is completely dimmable, reducing total light output to 30% of its maximum.

What’s the result of using a Lifestyle™ LED ceiling fan? More lighting, less cost and less energy used.Consumers and the environment win.