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What is an IP Rating?

When browsing our website, you’ve likely seen a common rating across products. These are either an IP or IPX rating. But for most of us, we have no idea what these ratings mean or what the difference is between them. When it comes to deciding between products, should the rating come into consideration at all? Today we are going to explain what an IP rating is and why it is important.

IP Rating

What is an IP Rating? 

IP stands for “Ingress Protection”. It is an international standard rating used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies. This includes dirt, dust, tools, etc. It also includes the sealing effectiveness against moisture.

What do the Numbers Mean? 

Whether you are looking at an IP or IPX rating, both will have numbers following them, and they do have a specific meaning. The first number indicates the degree of protection of people from moving parts and the protection of enclosed equipment from foreign bodies. The second defines the protection level against various forms of moisture, including drips, sprays and submersion. This is important when you buy lights and ceiling fans for wet rooms like bathrooms and laundries or outdoor spaces.

IP Ratings and What They Mean 

Below we have created a table that demonstrates what each IP rating means so you can better understand each one. You can refer back to this table when buying a Martec product or trying to decide between two different products. It is especially handy when trying to pick the right product for a wet room like a bathroom or laundry or even deciding on a ceiling fan for an outdoor space.

IP Rating Chart

What are IPX Ratings? 

IPX ratings are most commonly seen on bathroom heaters and exhaust fan products. The “x” simply means that the value for that number is missing. Therefore, the product has no protection against solids like dust and dirt.

For example, a product with an IPX5 rating has no defined protection from solid objects, but they do have protection against low-pressure water jets due to the second number being 5. IPX is the starting point for products that are waterproof/splashproof or products being used outdoors or in wet rooms, like bathrooms and laundries.

Martec offers IP ratings on all our products that are suitable in wet rooms and outdoor areas so that you can pick the right Martec product for your needs. Explore our wide range of lights, ceiling fans, bathroom heaters, and exhaust fans today to find the perfect piece for your home. Or contact the Martec team for more information on our products and recommendations for your room!