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What Renovator’s Need to Know About Bathroom Ventilation & Heating

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting and stressful time. It is easy to get caught up picking tiles, fixtures, and paint colours. And far too many people forget to consider the right bathroom ventilation and heating. Bathroom heating and ventilation is on of the most crucial choices you can make when renovating a bathroom and it can make or break your space. Today we are going to discuss why bathroom ventilation and heating is so important, and how to choose the right solution for your bathroom.

bathroom ventilation condensation

1: Reducing Condensation

Condensation is the bane of every bathroom user. Wiping foggy mirrors takes time, especially when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. But condensation also causes damage in your bathroom. Over time, this build up of water can damage your fixtures, your paint work, and even your walls and framework. And a build-up of condensation on wet tiles can cause a dangerous, slipping hazard. Proper bathroom ventilation can help remove the moisture from the air in bathroom, to prevent the build of condensation.

2: Improve Air Flow with Bathroom Ventilation

Combine hot water with a small space and a room can get pretty close and stifling, very quickly. This can cause headaches and lethargy, if you stay in the room too long. Proper bathroom ventilation helps improve the airflow in the bathroom, up to around 28%. This ensures your bathroom stays as clean and fresh as possible. Your bathroom should be a relaxing space, not a suffocating one!

bathroom ventilation mould

3: Prevent the Build Up of Mould and Allergens

Your bathroom is a small room, likely without any windows (especially if it is inside an apartment). This, combined with hot air and water, creates intense, humid conditions. And this is the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and other allergens. If mould and mildew are allowed to grow, unchecked, they can not only destroy your tiles, paint and fixtures, they can lead to the deterioration of your walls, doors and ceilings. But, far worse, they can have a serious impact on your health. Those with chronic health conditions, as well as the young and elderly, are at incredible risk when it comes to the health risks around mould and mildew. Proper ventilation, however, will draw the hot, moist air from the room, helping prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

4: Minimise Smells with Bathroom Ventilation

Your bathroom can be one of the most pungent rooms in your home. This can be caused by normal use, as well as the growth of harmful mould and mildew. Cleaning products, as well, can create an uncomfortable, chemical smell in a bathroom which can also be harmful. Proper ventilation not only helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew; it can also help draw unwanted smells out of the space.

5: Keeping Warm

With tiled floors and tiled walls (or even partially tiled walls) your bathroom can be the coldest room in your home, even with the hot air and hot water. There’s nothing worse than walking on cold tiles, especially when you’re trying to get ready in the morning. A 3-in-1 heating and ventilation unit draws the moist air out of a room, replacing it with ambient heat to create a warm, comfortable space.

Working Out the Right Bathroom Ventilation for Your Space

Picking the right bathroom fan or 3-in-1 for your space is your next challenge. Ventilation that is too big will be uncomfortable and noisy, while one that is too small won’t be affective in your bathroom. This is why Martec has created the Exhaust Fan Calculator. Use our Exhaust Fan calculator and find the correct exhaust fan based on your room size. It is important to note that our calculator is a guide, only. It does not constitute specific advice from the team at Martec. These suggestions are provided on a basis of theoretical capacity for the given room, based on your supplied measurements. You should always check your local building codes and requirements before having a new exhaust fan is installed.

Below are some of our latest exhaust fans and 3-in-1 units, perfect for small and medium bathrooms!

Jet 300mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Jet 250mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan

he Jet 250mm Round DIY Ceiling Exhaust Fan features a superior blade design for maximum air & steam extraction. This high performance exhaust fan is suitable for small to medium sized bathrooms. The Jet is also ideal for DIY home installation, coming equipped with 1m cord and 3 pin plug. It features powerful air extraction with quiet operation, making it ideal for small to medium residential homes.

Vapour 3-in-1 Fan Heater, Light and Exhaust

The Vapour 3-in-1 features a dedicated 12W Tricolour integrated LED panel light. As a convenient 3-in-1 the Vapour also has industry leading 1000W powerful PTC ceramic heating elements, and a state-of-the-art exhaust fan to properly circulate air in your bathroom.

flow exhaust fan

Martec Flow Round Series with/without Tricolour LED Light

The Flow Exhaust Fan Series is superbly designed to efficiently move air and steam. This exhaust fan is fitted with a new Turbo Fan Drum Design blade that is highly efficient. It rapidly extracts air and steam from laundries and bathrooms. It is suitable for small to medium bathrooms, with a quiet motor that allows you to enjoy the bathroom ambience you’ve always wanted. ABS housing fascia material and an ultra-low profile slimline design makes it perfect for all bathroom and laundry styles.

Profile Panel 2 High Performance Heater Fan Exhaust with 12W Tricolour LED Light

Martec’s Profile Panel 2 High Performance Heater features a powerful and efficient turbo fan blade design. Suitable for small to medium sized bathrooms, the Profile Panel 2 maintains quiet while maintaining a quiet operation. Making this bathroom 3 in 1 suitable for small to medium sized bathrooms. As a result, enjoy heating, lighting and exhaust in the one, convenient appliance! Featuring an attractive low profile cover and unobtrusive finish in your space, the Profile Panel is perfect for all bathrooms. For safety, this innovative 3-in-1 has a self-closing back shutter and an internal thermal safety switch. It also has a high quality draft stopper, and easy side vent access for easy installation and cleaning.