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Bathroom Heating: The Best Way to Warm Up Your Bathroom!

3-in-1 bathroom heating Warm up your chilly bathroom with bathroom heating. Stepping out of a hot shower and into a cold bathroom is definitely uncomfortable, especially in winter. And on a cold day, the last thing you want to do is start it shivering. Adding an extra heating source in your bathroom can help keep you warm and comfortable, all while saving on your energy bill. Today, the team at Martec are going to discuss how bathroom heating is the best way to warm up your bathroom all year round!

Safety First – Only Use Approved Bathroom Heaters

It is important to keep your bathroom warm and comfortable, just like other rooms in your house. But there are ways to warm up your space.

While some people try portable heaters, not all portable heaters can be used directly in a bathroom. Like all electrical appliances, unless they are specifically designed for bathroom use, they need to be kept away from contact with water. As a result, it is a smart idea to get bathroom heating from the team at Martec. Our heaters are cut into the ceiling and are IP rated for bathroom use. Further, our heaters also come in 3-in-1 bathroom heating configurations. This means you can enjoy a sleek, modern designed appliance that fills the role of exhaust fan, heater and light, in one unit. This not only saves you space but it is also kinder on your electric bill.

Benefits of Using Bathroom Heating

There are some benefits to installingbathroom heating. These include:

Stay Warm

The main purpose of heating in the home is to help keep you warm. Most bathroom heaters use infrared heat lamps that quickly heat, making them ideal for small spaces. Further, bathroom heating creates the right level of warmth in a space that doesn’t irritate the skin or make you uncomfortable. You should allow your heater to warm the bathroom for a minute or two before jumping in the shower, for the most comfortable experience.

Removing Moisture and Odours from the Air

Like standard exhaust fans, bathroom heater 3-in-1 systems remove moisture from the air in your bathroom. If too much moisture accumulates in your bathroom it can fog your mirrors, make floors and fixtures slippery, and promote the growth of mould and mildew. The fan portion of your heater can craw moisture out of the air and pass it outside your home. The fan will also help remove unpleasant odours from your bathroom when necessary.

Keep Fixtures Dry Aspire Bathroom Heater & Exhaust Fan with Tricolour 20W LED Light

Adding 3-in-1 bathroom heating to your bathroom will also help keep your fixtures dry and free from mould or mildew. A standard bathroom exhaust fan do extract humidity, heat and moisture from the room but they cannot heat in the way a 3-in-1 unit can. Dry mirrors and fixtures mean less mould and mildew build up. This also makes cleaning and maintaining your bathroom quicker and easier.

Easy on the Hip Pocket

A 3-in-1 bathroom heater, like those made by Martec, are high quality but inexpensive appliances. In fact, the price difference between a standard exhaust fan and bathroom 3-in-1 heating is likely much less than you think for a standard bathroom.

They are also energy efficient, meaning you won’t pay nearly as much on your electrical bill as you would think!

Easy to Install

Our bathroom 3-in-1 heaters are easy and quick to install for professionals. As a result, they are perfect for those looking to replace an old exhaust fan or heating, or those building or renovating a new bathroom. All our products come with a handy installation guide.

Installing a 3-in-1 bathroom heater is the most popular choice in heating a bathroom. All of the functionality you need is available in one unit. Not only do Martec 3-in-1 systems provide light and warmth to your space, they also extract mould growing moisture. We have a wide range of models available to suit any and every space, and our modern designs will easily fit your décor.

Click here to explore our range today or contact the team at Martec for expert help and advice. Create the perfect bathroom, today, with Martec bathroom heating!