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How to Choose the Right Type of LED Lighting for a Home

LED lighting has grown in popularity over the last few years, and there’s little wonder why. Research has shown that LED light bulbs work in a similar way to sunlight, giving us energy. And the invention of blue light-emitting bulbs means many light bulbs now produce serotonin, which helps you feel more awake, focused, and alert. Alternatively, you can also get melatonin-producing light bulbs, which don’t emit blue light waves, to help you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. It is easy to say that LED lights have changed how we live in our homes. But choosing the perfect lights can be difficult, which is why we are discussing how to choose the right type of LED lighting for your home. Explore the different options you have by room!

LED Lighting for Lounge Rooms

The lounge room has become one of the most popular areas of the home. It is an entertaining space as much as a space to relax in. While the kitchen was once seen as the heart of the home, lounge rooms and entertaining spaces are quickly taking over this title. Which means they need to be lit in the best way possible. Whether you’re entertaining, chatting with friends, or watching a movie, it is important to have the right light sources that can adapt to whatever you need.

As with other intimate spaces, like bedrooms, it is best to avoid bright, blue light-emitting lamps. Instead, to create that cosy feeling needed, warm white light fixtures are best. You can utilise spotlight lamps that point towards the walls in order to reduce glare and unwanted shadows on your television.

The Perfect LED Lighting for Kitchens

Your kitchen requires the best possible lighting. Not only is it where most of us start our mornings, but it is also an essential workspace. This is where you will make the majority of your meals, meaning it needs to be well-lit for safety. Blue-light LED bulbs over counters are ideal for helping keep you alert and awake while cooking or preparing a meal. And it helps give you the best start to the day.

If you have a kitchen table, however, we recommend using a warmer colour temperature LED. This creates a warmer colour temperature, creating a warm, cosy ambience that balances out the brighter LED lights in the kitchen itself.

LED Lights in Bedrooms

Getting lighting right in the bedroom is incredibly important. Our bedrooms are primarily intended for sleeping, meaning the atmosphere needs to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. So your choice of lighting will make a huge difference. We recommend avoiding bright, cool, blue lights where possible, as the blue light waves can keep you awake. Instead, aim for warm, soft lighting that helps you unwind.

If you like to read or use a phone or tablet before bed, ensure you have a good, neutral-coloured LED in your bedside lights. This allows you to see well, without straining and causing a headache but without keeping you awake.

Home Office LED Lighting

Just like a regular office, your home office needs to be a space that promotes efficiency and productivity. Your lighting, as a result, is needed to maximise your ability to be efficient and effective in your space. We recommend cool, white LED lighting as it best mimics daylight. Installing them in an office helps increase serotonin production, allowing you to remain focused, alert, and energised. Investing in LED desk lamps, too, will enable you to utilise clear, task lighting.

Perfect LED Lighting for Bathrooms

Bright lights are essential in bathrooms for a variety of reasons. Anyone who does their make-up or shaves in front of the bathroom mirror knows that you need bright, clear light to ensure their look is flawless. It is also important for safety reasons when bathing and cleaning. There’s nothing worse than finding you’ve missed a spot when cleaning or slipping over on something you can’t see in the shadows.

But you also want your bathroom to be a relaxing space where you can unwind after a long day or wake up gently in the morning. This is why we recommend a warm light around your shower and bath, with brighter, soft-white lights around your basin and mirrors.

Perfect Dining Room LED Lighting

There’s nothing worse than overly bright, obnoxious lighting in a dining room. It makes entertaining difficult and can make the room feel more like a task room – i.e., like a study or kitchen. But you also don’t want a room that is so dim it makes eating difficult. Dimmable LED lighting is a great way of compromising – you can adjust the light to best suit the time of day and what you need. After all, there are some people who utilise their dining space as a study space and do need proper task lighting while working. This also allows you to ensure you have the perfect entertaining lighting.

Soft, neutral lighting is the best option if dimmable lights aren’t available to you. And LED bulbs make a beautiful addition to any existing lighting, even chandeliers, as they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Looking to change the lighting plan in your home? Want to improve the lighting in your space, or are you building/renovating? Martec carries an array of fantastic LED lighting options to suit your needs and your home. Explore the range today, or contact us for more information and help!