Bathroom Accessories

If you want your bathroom to always look its best, consider our range of bathroom accessories. Create a fresh, warm, and clean space with an array lights, heating, and handy remote controls.

Personalise your space with a well-chosen array of replacement glass, infrared heat lamps, and halogen down lights. Or update an older bathroom with stylish, modern bathroom accessories. Our selection has been designed with functionality in mind, ideal for making a quick update to your home.

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Bathroom Accessories Replacement Parts

No matter your style, Martec also has bathroom accessories to suit your needs. Find everything you need for your bathroom today, from 3-in-1 heat diffusers to remote controls. Never struggle to struggle out of the bathtub to change the lights, heat or turn on the exhaust, ever again!

We also offer a range of replacement parts for your lighting and bathroom appliances to help your bathroom remain functional for years to come.

Martec Remote Controls

Martec also stocks a range of remote controls to provide convenience to your space. From ceiling fans to bathroom 3-in-1s Martec has a range of remote controls that work with Marte’s range of products. Capable of operating all functions remotely, Martec remote controls are a great solution for larger bathrooms or for when your walls cannot be re-wired.

Never worry about having to step out of your shower or bath to adjust the temperature ever again! Utilise Martec’s handy remote controls to turn your bathroom into a luxury escape!

Give your bathroom a fresh, new look today or quickly, and easily replace a broken part! Explore our range above or contact the team at Martec for more information on our remotes and parts.