Surface Mounted LED Lighting

Martec’s surface mounted LED lights are stylish, practical, and perfect for any space! Our mounted LED lights are ideal for home, office, and commercial spaces. They are also perfect for minimalist designs.

LED surface mount downlights are a great alternative to recessed or gimbal downlights. They are popular, and simple to install and maintain, especially for ceilings with little cavity space or where a hole cannot be created.

Surface Mounted LED Options

Surface Mounted LED lights are perfect for task lighting. They are also a great option when compared to recessed alternatives. This is because they allow the light to descend further down the ceiling height. It also provides a minimalist, architectural feel that is ideal for modern homes, as well as commercial and office space.

Further, SMD LED lights create minimal heat output with maximum energy efficiency. This also means that, compared to Gimble and Recessed downlights, SMD LEDs assist in reducing heating costs. This is because these lights don’t require the same excluding as others, which means air isn’t escaping through the gaps. As a result, surface mounted LEDs allow you to better retain room temperature. Some options are even dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs. Keep your lights bright when you need task lighting, and dim the lights when it’s time to relax.

Martec offers a wide range of surface mounted LED lighting options including traditional designs, round oyster lights, batten and even square shapes. We have everything you need to ensure your lighting complements your space.

Explore our range of surface mounted LED lights today or contact team today to find out the right option for your needs.

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