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Stay Cool with Martec’s New Range Of Smart Fans

Smart fans have revolutionised home cooling. smart fans equipped with cutting-edge technology now offer unparalleled control within your smart home setup from any location. We understand the need for convenience in your life; that’s why Martec has designed smart fans with advanced features.


The new range of smart fans aims to offer comfort, convenience, and technology in one package. Martec’s lineup of smart fans is WiFi-enabled, allowing operation through the Smart Life application. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, control is at your fingertips. Once connected to your home WiFi, your smart fan seamlessly integrates into your smart home setup, putting all its features under your control. The Smart Life app not only enables individual control but also opens up the possibility of managing your fan through popular smart home assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Home. Let us explore the features, technologies and unmatched convenience they bring homes across Australia.


Martec’s Smart Fan Collection

Here is the list of our exciting selection of Martec’s smart fans:

Scorpion DC 42″/52″ Smart Ceiling Fan

Scorpion smart fan

With its blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Scorpion smart fan can be WiFi enabled and operate via Smart Life application. It can be controlled from any Apple or Android device.  The efficient 34W DC motor operates with a whisper-quiet brushless design, making it ideal for indoor and covered outdoor settings.



Genoa DC 50″ Smart Ceiling Fan

The Genoa DC smart ceiling fan

The Genoa DC smart ceiling fan, powered by a 33W DC motor, operates with whisper-quiet precision, delivering exceptional performance. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, this fan introduces innovative features such as a unique Comfort Sleep mode and Breeze mode, complemented by six additional speed settings. With this comprehensive control, you can tailor your environment to perfection.


The Comfort Sleep mode optimises your sleeping environment, while Breeze mode offers a unique experience by cycling through all speed settings randomly, simulating the natural variability of an outdoor breeze. The Genoa DC smart fan ensures not only quiet operation but also a personalized and refreshing airflow for your ultimate comfort.



Elite DC 48″ Smart Ceiling Fan With WIFI Remote Control

The Elite DC smart fan

The Elite DC smart fan is a beacon of minimalist design and superior performance. Its 36W DC motor operates with an ultra-quiet, brushless mechanism, making it an ideal addition to any indoor or covered outdoor setting. The steel body and ABS blades contribute to its longevity and sophistication, ensuring it complements your décor seamlessly. It also supports Wi-Fi technology.


Riviera DC 52″ Smart Ceiling Fan

the Riviera DC smart fan

With its 33W DC motor, the sleek and efficient Riviera DC smart fan operates silently and efficiently, making it the perfect choice for indoor and covered outdoor spaces. The fan is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. With fully reversible operation, the Riviera DC smart fan is designed for year-round comfort, all controlled via an easy-to-use remote.


Hampton DC 52″ Smart Ceiling Fan With WIFI Remote Control

the Hampton DC 52" Smart Ceiling Fan

Elevate your living experience with the Hampton DC 52″ Smart Ceiling Fan. Its low ceiling, slimline design, and brushless 40W DC motor make it the epitome of style and efficiency. With Wi-Fi connectivity through the Smart Life application, you have control at your fingertips, whether at home or away. Unique comfort sleep and breeze modes, along with six-speed settings, cater to your every need, providing the ideal airflow for any situation.


A Cool Future with Martec’s Smart Fans

Martec’s new range of smart fans represents the perfect fusion of form and function. With cutting-edge technology, customisable features, and an unwavering commitment to convenience, Martec has redefined how we approach home comfort. Whether you’re searching for style, performance, or smart innovation, our smart fans have you covered. Experience the future of home cooling with Martec and elevate your living space. We all know sometimes technology might not be the most reliable at some moments, so rest assure that all Martec smart fans can be used in the traditional way as well. In case of those times when your smart home is not online. 

Your home deserves the best, and Martec is here to provide it. Make the smart choice today and let Martec redefine how you experience home comfort.