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7 Things You Need to Know About Ceiling Fans

With summer on the way, our thoughts are turning toward how to keep our homes cool. And while air conditioners are popular, ceiling fans are the true hero of summer in many Australian homes. Let’s discuss some ceiling fan facts you might not know about this cooling mainstay.

Ceiling Fans Help Cool People


1: Ceiling Fans Help Cool People

This might seem obvious, but few people understand how ceiling fans cool. Ceiling fans are a practical, economical solution to reduce your cooling needs in summer. They create a wind chill effect in order to keep you and your family comfortable. In fact, fans can save you up to 30% on your cooling costs in summer. This means you need to use your air conditioner less, which helps you save money!

You Need the Right Size ceiling fan

2: You Need the Right Size

Choosing the right fan size is important. A fan that is too big not only makes a room feel small, but is also loud. A fan that is too small won’t do anything to cool the room. A longer or bigger room may need two fans. You will need to set the fan at the right height, too, otherwise the fan will not circulate the air properly, specifically the air near the floor.

Explore our other blog “The Ultimate Ceiling Buyer’s Guide” to find out more ceiling fan facts, including size and height!

Choose the Right Blade Size and Features for your ceiling fan


3: Choose the Right Blade Size and Features

While choosing the right sized fan is important, you also need to choose the right blade size and features.

Choosing the Right Fan Blade Size

The number of fan blades doesn’t make much difference, but the size of the blades do. Choosing larger blade sizes over smaller blades. Larger blades won’t ruffle papers and other items as much, and can cool at a lower velocity. However, ensure you don’t choose a size that is too large for the room. Refer to our “Ultimate Ceiling Buyer’s Guide” for more information.

Pick the Right Features

Easy to use ceiling fan models, like those from Martec, encourage fan use over air conditioning, which results in lower energy costs. But it is also important to consider the light intensity, fan speed, noise level, and remote controls.

Choosing the right motor is an important part of ensuring your fan doesn’t make too much noise. Always choose high quality motors with solid bearings. Smaller, less powerful motors tend to operate at higher temperatures – which makes a room warmer – and make a lot of noise. They’re also likely to break easily.

Finally, it is important to choose the colour/finish, lighting style, and look for your space. There are a wide range of styles and finishes for modern ceiling fans, meaning you will find the look and style you want. Lighting options are fantastic, as well, with single lights, spotlights, and more available.

You Get What You Pay For with ceiling fans


4: You Get What You Pay For

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for – and ceiling fans are no different. It is important to choose a good, high quality fan at an affordable price – like Martec ceiling fans. A high-quality fan means your unit will be quieter, smoother, and come with a variety of fan speeds. High quality ceiling fans also have a longer warrant than bargain options.

It is also important that you ensure your fan is safely installed. While a good, registered installer might be more expensive, they will save you thousands in the long run. It is important to keep your family safe by ensuring your fan is safely installed and won’t come away from the ceiling.

Energy Saving ceiling fans


5: Energy Savings

Ceiling fans, as we’ve mentioned already, are not only great for cooling a room, but also saving energy and costs. Modern ceiling fans are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making them the ideal cost-saving additions to your home. In summer a ceiling fan can cool you just as well as an air conditioner, or can help circulate air conditioned air so you don’t have to run it as high for as long.

The best energy saving feature of Martec fans, however, is the Summer/Winter setting. Utilising this setting you can reverse the direction of the fan in winter. This means you can utilise the fan to push hot air down from the ceiling (remember, hot air rises) which keeps the room warmer. As a result, you can lower your thermostat and your heating bill in winter. Reversing fans, like those made by Martec, are fantastic for rooms with high ceilings that are difficult to heat.

Different Fans for Different Rooms


6: Different Fans for Different Rooms

While it might sound strange, it is important to ensure you have the right fans in the right room. For example, an indoor ceiling fan will struggle in a bathroom or outdoor setting. This is because outdoor and bathroom specific fans are designed to work in damp and humid environments.

Outdoor fans, in particular, need to stand up against the weather and environmental conditions. In Australia, look for a fans that are tropical-rated or IP55 rated, especially in coastal areas. Also check that your fan blades are non-rust. Martec provides a range of outdoor fans with tropical ratings, IP55 ratings, and non-rust ABS blades.


7: Know Where to Buy

It is important that you always buy your ceiling fans from expert manufacturers. Martec, for example, offers excellent warranty options that cheaper manufacturers simply cannot. The larger and more powerful a motor your fan has, the better the warranty you need. As with any mechanical product, you need to trust your purchase to a reputable seller. And this is why customers across Australia love Martec products!

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