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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Ceiling Fans!

As Summer approaches, we start thinking about how to keep ourselves cool in the infamous Australian heat. One of the best ways to cool down but still enjoy your outdoor space during Summer is outdoor ceiling fans! If you have an outdoor veranda, patio or semi-open sunroom, then there may be times when an outdoor fan is perfect for your home. They are the perfect way to cool down an outdoor space by circulating air and creating a homey look to your entertaining space. Today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about outdoor ceiling fans!

What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

The outdoor and indoor fans come with different ratings. Outdoor fans need to stand up against the weather and environmental conditions. In Australia, if you’re looking for a good outdoor fan, you need a fan that is either tropical-rated or coastal rated depending on the area of installation. You also need to check that your fan blades are non-rust, even better when they’re non-rust ABS or stainless steel. Martec provides a range of outdoor fans with All ABS tropical ratings, IP55 coastal ratings and stainless-steel coastal ratings.

What Features are Right for My Home?

Modern outdoor ceiling fans come with a lot of useful features to make your life and entertaining easier. These features include light fixtures, airflow capacities, and remote controls.

Light Fixtures

Outdoor ceiling fans with lighting fixtures area great way to mix entertainment with comfort. They help maximise space and minimise the need for separate lighting, especially in small spaces. LED lights are the best options for outdoor lighting as they provide perfect lighting with half the energy costs of traditional lighting fixtures.


When choosing the perfect outdoor ceiling fan, airflow capacity is one of the most important considerations. For most homeowners in Australia prefer a more powerful fan with high airflow for the maximum cooling and heat relief in outdoor spaces.

Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Remote controls are the perfect alternative to wall switches or antiquated pull chains, especially for outdoor fans. Remote controls let you adjust the fan as needed, without having to interrupt conversations or give up your relaxation time. Martec remote controls are perfect for your needs. Our fan accessories feature lights, dimmers and remote controls, to make your life easier. Martec remote controls are compatible with most Martec ceiling fan products!

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The Perfect Places for Outdoor Ceiling Fans

You can install outdoor ceiling fans virtually in any outdoor location. From garages to sunrooms, patios to verandas, if you have an area that could benefit from ventilation, cooling and airflow, you can install an outdoor fan.

Verandas, Patios and Entertaining Areas

Not only are outdoor ceiling fans decorative and give your space a homey feeling, they are perfect for moving air in the evenings. They cool down areas during hot, sunny afternoons and the air movement from the fans reduces humidity and heat. They are best for semi enclosed spaces that don’t expose the fan to excessive weather conditions.

Sunrooms and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Whether it is a sunroom, indoor/outdoor space that needs the benefit of air movement, or a garden room, a ceiling fan makes a perfect addition to your space. These open spaces make for wonderful features around your home, embracing the natural sunlight without exposing you to the elements. However, rooms with large windows can heat up quickly and become uncomfortable in Summer. They also retain heat, which is why a fan can help circulate the air and regulate the temperature better!

Garages and Ceiling Fans

Garages are often multipurpose rooms, holding car spaces as well as workout areas, workspaces, and more. So just like heating a garage is beneficial in Winter, cooling it down makes sense in Summer. A fan can reduce the amount of humidity that might affect your belongings in storage in the garage. If you work – or workout – in your garage, a fan can help keep your space cooler and more comfortable so you can work comfortably for longer.


Cleaning an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Thankfully, cleaning an outdoor ceiling fan is very easy! Simply grab a multi-surface cleaner and a microfiber cloth or rag. Simply wipe down each blade, top and bottom, to remove any dirt or dust that can affect the working of your fan or those with allergies. Also ensure you wipe down the house and fixtures, too, to ensure they aren’t accumulating dust either.

Martec has a wide range of stunning outdoor ceiling fans to meet your needs. Explore our range today or contact us for more advice on choosing the perfect outdoor ceiling fan!