Enhanced living with Martec ceiling fans

Enhance your home with a Martec® ceiling fan to reduce the temperature in all your rooms. Enjoy enhanced living in your home by selecting the Martec® ceiling fan that suits you and your family with a variety of features for every room and every family member.

Martec® ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours with loads of features in each model to suit your home and décor. Enjoy the style and benefits of a Martec® cooling fan in your home by selecting each room’s fan individually. Choosing a ceiling fan for your home and family can be daunting at first with all of the features and variety available, which is why we’ve outlined the important options you need to consider. Having the right fan installed in your home can reduce the temperature of a room by up to 4˚, creating a great living space throughout summer without taking up valuable floor space or dramatically increasing your electricity costs.

If you’re looking for a fan that is simple yet stylish, our range of Metro DC ceiling fans are a good place to start with low ceiling solution and are simply styled to compliment the modern home.

We also offer more feature driven fans such as the Governor that give you a range of options and features in the fan range and add a little flair to your decor. The Malibu range features a slimline design to not only cool the room effectively but also stylishly providing comfort and convenience to enhance your home living.

Whatever features you need in your ceiling fan to enhance your home, Martec® has the perfect ceiling fan to fit in with your lifestyle.