Energy efficient lighting is popular throughout Australia, and Martec’s solar LED lighting is a step above the rest. You can utilise our solar lighting in a variety of spaces including the home, office, industrial and commercial spaces, and emergency areas. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and the internal battery allows your light to work all day or all night. In fact, the 15watt solar LED light has 4 days of battery storage.

The Benefits of Solar LED lighting

Our range of solar lights have the benefits of the latest in LED technology. Currently available in both wall mounted and batten lighting options, they are the perfect addition to any home. Further, using solar means you are saving 100% on energy costs, which is great for you and for the environment!

Solar LEDs provide high efficiency lighting at a low cost with simple installation. This makes them one of the best and most desirable lighting options for your home, office, or business. Contemporary solar lights are transforming the landscapes of our lives, lighting up our outdoor spaces.

Martec’s solar LED lights feature motions sensors that reduce consumption on overcast days. They are easy to install and feature 5V USB port charging for compatible devices. And our batten lighting kits are the ultimate portable and versatile lighting solutions.

Explore our range of commercial quality solar below and decorate your space with this low cost, energy saving solution. Or contact our team today to discuss the right solution for your needs!

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