Exterior Lighting

Light up your verandah or outdoor space today with Martec’s range of brilliant outdoor LED lighting. Choose from a wide range of functional lighting options, including security lights, waterproof lights for outdoors and bunker lights.

Transform the exterior spaces of your home with outdoor lighting that creates a welcoming ambience as well as adds a sense of security to your home. No matter what lighting option you choose, Martec has plenty of exterior lighting options to choose from to illuminate your garden or help you find your way in the dark.

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Exterior Lighting Options with Martec

Martec’s exterior lighting is practical with a decorative edge, transforming your outdoor space, lighting your entertainment spaces, and providing security for your home. Our modern outdoor lighting products have PIR sensors, adjustable time delay, as well as adjustable heads. We also ensure all our outdoor lights are IP Rated, so you can be sure they will work in wet weather conditions. Many of our outside lights also come with a quick connect system for easy installation.

Martec’s exterior lighting range features LED options. LED lighting generally uses about a third of the energy of traditional lighting, lasts longer, and has less impact on the environment. Further, Martec lighting is known for its durability and construction, so you can be confident that your lighting will last.

Security Lighting and Motion Detection

Our exterior lighting options come with PIR and microwave motion sensors. This allows you to utilise your lights as security lighting as well as simple outdoor lighting. PIR sensors analyse the environment and look for changes in the heat signatures in a space. The sensor will go off and trigger a light if something enters the detector’s field of view.

A microwave motion sensor uses microwave technology to analyse its environment. When something interrupts the detection zone, the sensor is triggered and turns on the light.

Not only do these sensors help detect potential intruders, they also help you. Rather than fumbling for a light switch with an armful of shopping or parcels, the motion detector on your exterior lighting can detect your presence and light your way safely inside.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long with our exterior lighting systems. No matter what style your home is, we have lights that match you! Explore our range outdoor lights for sale today.