Sonar Tricolour LED Bunker Wall Light with PIR Motion Sensor

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The Sonar Tricolour LED bunker wall light with PIR motion sensor is a durable outdoor light with a modern appearance, making it the perfect outdoor light for your home or commercial building. Martec includes everything you need to mount this light inside the packaging. This includes 2 x wall plugs and also 2 x screws. Please note you will require a licensed Australian electrician to fit this product.

The Sonar Tricolour LED bunker wall light with PIR motion sensor measures just 240mms by 113mms by 60.5mms. This inbuilt PIR sensor control technology enables your lighting system to detect movement using innovative infrared technology.

PIR motion sensors not only provide security, detecting movement in your front or back garden, or wherever you choose to place the light, it is also highly convenient for home owners. Coming home with an armful of shopping? Can't find the outdoor light switch in the dark? Just as it can detect someone lurking, the Sonar PIR sensor will detect your movement and light your way inside with no need to scramble for outdoor light switches. There is no need to trip and fumble about in the dark with the Sonar Tricolour LED bunker light.

Sonar Features

Featuring a superior combination of tough UV resistant polycarbonate and polypropylene materials, the Sonar is highly durable in both indoor and also outdoor applications. It also features an outstanding IP44 rating. The matte black appearance is aesthetically pleasing in both residential and commercial environments. This is complemented by the opal diffuser that's encased within the LED light.

The chassis is constructed from polypropylene with a tough UV resistant polycarbonate opal diffuser encasing the Tricolour LED light. This not only protects the Sonar from other wires and screws, but also from water splashing against the exterior body.

The Sonar also comes pre-installed with energy-efficient LED which produce an amazing 800 lumens of light, across a wide 120° angle. Furthermore, the lamp life of the LED is approximately 25,000 hours or roughly 3 years, making the Sonar. The Sonar is the smart choice for those looking to cut costs and waste!

With 12W Tricolour LED that switches between 3000k, 4000k, and also 5000k, the Sonar has a voltage range from 220 to 240 volts. This exterior light features a large terminal block which makes for easy installation on most surfaces.

Finally, the Sonar Tricolour LED bunker wall light with PIR motion sensor comes with a 2-year replacement warranty for your peace of mind thanks to Martec.  Enjoy the security of discreet, stylish exterior lighting, today!

So why not start cutting your annual electricity costs? Purchase the Sonar today!

  • Modern matt black design
  • Made from tough UV resistant durable polycarbonate & polypropylene material
  • 12W Tricolour LED light
  • Suitable for any residential or commercial application
  • Up to 12m detection distance
  • 180° sensor detection angle
  • Adjustable light duration time
  • Day to night adjustable
Switchable Tricolour Lumens
3000k-700lm | 4000k-800lm | 5000k-800lm
Colour temperature
3000k | 4000k | 5000k
Beam Angle
Size (mm)
L240 x H113 x D74
Polycarbonate & polypropylene
LED Type
80 x 0.15W
Approximate lamp life
Weather resistance rating
Sensor type
PIR passive infrared sensor
Sensor detection angle
Duration time
10±5s to 4±1min, adjustable
Detection distance max
Lux Control Level
From day to night adjustable with non-isolated driver


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