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Introducing the Link – Martec Ceiling Fans

With Summer on the way, we are all starting to think about how to keep cool. With Australian summers getting hotter, keeping cool is more important than ever. Not only will a perfectly designed fan help keep you cool, it can also help your air conditioner be more efficient and keep you comfortable all summer long. Today we are going to introduce the newest fan from Martec – Link! Coming in both AC and DC motor models, the Link is the perfect addition to your home this summer!

the link

First Impressions of Link

Link is Martec’s latest 4-blade ceiling fan. It comes in four different configurations:

  • 30W DC series (48”) 1220mm ceiling fan with remote control with and without tricolour LED light
  • 55W AC series (48”) 1220mm ceiling fan with E27 light
  • 55W AC series (48”) 1220mm ceiling fan with remote control with and without tricolour LED light
  • 55W AC series (48”) 1220mm ceiling fan with wall control with and without tricolour LED light

Each fan in the series has a Summer/Winter mode option and is powerful and efficient without creating noise. This makes these fans ideal for any area of your home! The Link is, however, designed for indoor use only.

Features of the Link DC Series

The Link DC series features a 4 blade design with a 5 speed remote control with timer. It also features summer/winter reverse and a 15W LED Tricolour light in models with lights. With an efficient brushless 30W DC motor the Link comes in either matt black or white.

Despite its power, the DC motor is highly energy efficient and quiet, making it suitable for almost any space. The whisper quiet motor makes the Link ideal for bedrooms and lounge rooms. Link also has a hang-sure angle canopy of up to 15° maximum.

The Link DC ceiling fan remote control (for models FSLDC1243 and FSLDC124) feature an on/off fan function and (on model FSLDC1243) a light on/off function. Each fan features a high, medium, and low speed mode with a 2, 4, and 8 hour timer.

Features of the Link AC Series

The Link AC series comes in three different models: FSL1244WR, FSL1243WR and FSL1243.

Link AC Series FSL1244WR

The FSL1244WR features 2x E27 lamp holders (globes not included). The powerful and efficient 55W AC motor is low noise, making it ideal for indoor environments. It features 4 painted and sealed plywood blades.

The Link FSL1244WR comes with a remote control with fan and light on/off functions. It also has 3 speed modes – high, medium and low – as well as a 2, 4 and 8 hour timer function. This remote only works with AC models.

AC Series FSL1243WR Link FSLDC124

The FSL1243WR includes a remote control with timer and 15W Tricolour LED lights. Like the rest of the Link series, the FSL1243WR has a powerful and efficient 55W AC motor, making it ideal for use throughout your home. It also comes in a stunning white colour to suit all home decors. The Link FSL1243WR also includes a 3 step dimming system.

The tricolour LED light comes in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K colour temperatures with 1650 lumens light output.

The FSL1243WR also comes with a remote control featuring both fan and light on/off functions and 3 speed modes – high, medium and low. The remote has a timer option for 2, 4 and 8 hour and suits AC models only.

Link AC Series FSL1243

A 4 blade fan with a 15W tricolour LED light, the Link FSL1243comes in both matt black and white to suit any home décor style. Ideal for the indoors, the Link FSL1243 is powerful and efficient, yet operates quietly making it perfect for small rooms, like bedrooms.

The tricolour LED light has 1650 lumens light output and has 3 step dimming functionality. Colour temperatures include 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k. Finally, the FSL1243 has a 3 speed wall controller to suit any room.

Summer/Winter Modes

All Link fans feature a summer/winter mode switch. This makes your fan useful all year round. Many modern fans have this mode to help you keep cool in the summer and warm in winter. By circulating cool air in summer, you can help reduce the use of air conditioners. As a result, you can save on air conditioning costs. This is because a fan creates a wind chill effect, making your room feel as much as 8 degrees cooler.

By switching your fan to winter mode, you can redistribute warm air around the room by reversing the direction of the fan blades. This can help you save on your heating costs and bills. It also helps you reduce the cost of electricity or gas used in heating while also reducing the clutter created by the need to use multiple heating units.

Looking to find the perfect new ceiling fan for the upcoming summer? Click here to read more about the Link or to contact us today for further information.