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Quiet Exhaust Fans – Get the Perfect Ambience with Martec

Adequate ventilation is incredibly important for your bathroom. Without a proper bathroom exhaust fan, you run the risk of long-term damage to your walls, ceiling, flooring, trim, and even bathroom hardware from mould, mildew and rot. But when it comes to choosing the right bathroom fan, it can be difficult. You want a powerful fan but not one that is so loud that you can’t use it. After all, your bathroom needs to be a sanctuary – a place to wake up in the mornings and a place to wind down in the evenings. So a quiet exhaust fan is a must. But is a quiet fan doing the right job in your bathroom? Today we are going to discuss how to get the perfect ambience in your bathroom with powerful but quiet exhaust fans.

What is an Exhaust Fan? bathroom quiet exhaust fans

A bathroom exhaust fan is an appliance that is generally place in or near the veiling of the bathroom. They are necessary to expel odours from the room, as well as keep moisture levels in check. Bathrooms are small spaces that are exposed to hot water frequently, this causes high moisture levels to build on the walls, floors, and surfaces. Without a fan to expel the moisture, the water settling in these areas can cause water damage to your walls, flooring, ceiling, trims, and even the bathroom hardware itself. It can also cause the grow of mould and mildew. This cannot only cause further damage throughout your home, but it can also cause severe health issues. Mould and mildew are especially hazardous to children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. So having the right, quiet exhaust fan is a fundamental part of your bathroom.

Quiet Bathroom Fans quiet bathroom exhaust fans

Noise and efficiency don’t always equate. That’s why the best bathroom fans on the market are both quiet and powerful enough to clear your entire bathroom of moisture. A powerful, effective bathroom fan is measured in cubic metres per hour. This is the volume of air that the fan can remove from the bathroom within an hour. As a general rule, a bathroom fan should be able to pull a minimum of 50 m3/hr or greater. The more powerful the fan, the better able it is to clear your bathroom of moisture. Bathroom exhaust fans don’t just expel bad air, they actually create and air exchange by pulling in fresh air at the same time as expelling the bad air. But a powerful fan doesn’t necessarily mean a noisy one. In fact, most of the powerful models are quiet or even silent bathroom fans. This is because, with the highest quality bathroom exhaust fans, you should barely know it’s even on.

Why is My Bathroom Fan Noisy?

A noisy bathroom fan is incredibly annoying. It can make using your bathroom an uncomfortable experience and lead to you avoiding turning the fan on. Which, in turn, leads to damage and significant health risks. When building a new home or renovating, you can decrease the noise caused by a noisy exhaust fan by choosing a brand new, quieter fan. Martec has some of the quietest bathroom exhaust fans on the market to help you create the perfect ambience in your bathroom.

If the fan in your bathroom is already installed and is super noisy, then the fan may need repairing or need replacing entirely. Repairs may be as simple as needing a screw tightening to a build up of dirt and debris due to poor cleaning. However, if you have a noisy bathroom exhaust fan that isn’t suffering from poor cleaning or needing repairs, then it’s likely you have an old or cheap fan that needs replacing. This is why Martec has developed a range of stunning, quiet exhaust fans to suit the décor of any bathroom.

Martec’s Saturn Exhaust Fan quiet exhaust fans

The Saturn is the latest in Martec’s range of bathroom exhaust fans. This DIY high velocity exhaust fan with fitted back draft damper comes in both round and square designs. It features a turbo cylinder fan blade design for powerful air-steam extraction with a removable, easy to clean cover. The Saturn also features ultra quiet ball bearing motor for the best in quiet operation. With 150mm diameter side ducting and 0.9 metre flex and 3 pin plug, makes for easy duct installation. The self sealing exhaust damper prevents drafts, while the easy to clean fascia plate comes in white to suit your bathroom styling needs.

Looking for the best in quiet bathroom exhaust fans? Martec’s range of exhaust fans offer quiet operation and easy installation for any bathroom project. From building to renovation, we have the perfect exhaust fans for your needs. Explore our range today or contact us for more information on our bathroom products.