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Why Choose a Martec Bathroom Heater?

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning to a freezing bathroom! But floor heaters can be bulky and dangerous in a bathroom space. This is why Martec bathroom heaters are the perfect option for every bathroom. Not only do they provide a spa-like atmosphere, but they are also space and energy-saving devices. Today we will explore the benefits of Martec bathroom heaters and why you need one in your bathroom today!

Uno Single Heat Lamp 1: Martec Bathroom Heaters Save Space

As mentioned above, floor heaters can take up valuable space in your bathroom. This is especially true in apartments and units, where space is at a premium. These floor heaters can be unsafe as they are not always rated for water and can burn out easily. Martec bathroom heaters come in a variety of designs and mounting options. As a result, they can be easily integrated into the bathroom space. Specifically, Martec ceiling heaters not only take up no wall or floor space they also come in discrete designs to make them nearly invisible in the bathroom. This allows you to conveniently heat the room without sacrificing décor or space.

2: Energy Saving with Martec Bathroom Heaters

Compared to other kinds of electric heaters, Martec bathroom heaters consume far less power. And, thanks to the ability to control the exact temperature in a room, they consume far less energy than other heat systems. Our heaters provide instant heat via efficient heat globes or heating elements.

3: A Feeling of Wellness

Martec bathroom heaters heat objects and bodies in the room. This is thanks to our well-designed heat elements rather than heating up and drying out the air. This allows you to absorb the heat into your skin, similar to the feeling of the warming sun. This inspires a fantastic sense of wellness, perfect to start off your day or wind down after a long day at work.

4: Martec Bathroom Heaters as a Secondary Heat Source

Sometimes you don’t want to heat up your entire house to just warm your bathroom in the morning – especially if other people are asleep. It can be disrupting and costly, especially in spring and autumn when you really only want to heat up one room. Martec bathroom heaters are ideal as they heat up only one room for short periods of time, without you needing to heat up the entire house. This not only is energy saving, but it is also cost-effective too! And, in winter, when you want to be extra warm when you get out of a shower or bath, you can use the Martec heater alongside your main heating source to create the perfect space to get ready or wind down.

How Many Watts Do I Need? Uno Single Heat Lamp

To get a perfectly toasty warm bathroom, having heating about 4 degrees above the normal temperature is the best for a comfortable bathroom atmosphere. To work out the right Martec bathroom heater for you, you should have at least 93W, but more is definitely better.

Where Should I Install My Martec Bathroom Heater?

The best position for your Martec heater should be an area that points it directly to you when you leave the shower. This means you are warmed immediately coming out of the shower. We do not recommend placing your heater above a bath, especially if you have children, due to the dangers that could occur with splashing and excess water. While high-quality Martec bathroom heaters are IP rated for some water protection, they are not rated for excessive water caused by children excitedly splashing in the bath! Always maintain a safe distance from any water containers and, when in doubt, seek the advice of your electrician. It is also important not to install your heater opposite a window as glass does not store heat well.

Martec Introduces the Uno Single Heat Lamp Bathroom Heater

Martec’s Uno is the latest in our range of high quality, affordable range of bathroom heaters. It provides instant, powerful heating, which is ideal for bathrooms where instant heat is required. The Uno lamps heat by direct radiation rather than heating air in the room. It should be installed directly over the drying area and the amps are not dimmable. It comes in 275W and an IPX4 rating, so you can be secure in the knowledge that you have the best heating option for your bathroom space.

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