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Should I Install a 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater?

When it comes to your bathroom, whether you’re renovating, updating or installing a new one, you want the very best. You also want a space that is light, airy and uncluttered, as well as comfortable, especially in winter. It’s easy to get caught up in picking tiles, paint and fixtures and forget the most important elements of the bathroom – light, heat and ventilation.

Choosing the right option for your home is important, especially in such a small space. This is where 3-in-1 bathroom heaters are our heroes! They easily combine the function of heating, lighting and all important ventilation, year round, so you always enjoy your bathroom space. Whether your bathroom is a room you get ready in or a room you relax in, or both, we’re going to discuss why you should install a 3-in-1 bathroom heater!

1: The Perfect Temperature All Year Round Install a 3-in-1 Bathroom heater exhaust

There’s nothing worse than a hot, foggy bathroom in summer and a cold, uncomfortable one in winter. A 3-in-1 bathroom heater can be your saviour! While a heater isn’t appropriate in summer, the inbuilt ventilation system will help remove hot, moist air from the bathroom. No more sauna effect and no more foggy mirrors!

In winter, however, we want a warm, comfortable space. While using ventilation is still important to remove moisture from the air, you definitely want to be warm. 3-in-1 heaters allow you to use both your heating and ventilation at the same time, to create the perfect environment to unwind or get ready in the winter months.

2: Prevent Damage to Your Bathroom with 3-in-1 Bathroom Heaters

Foggy mirrors are frustrating at the best of times, but what you don’t know is that same moisture and heat that causes fog, is also causing damage to your bathroom. 3-in-1 bathroom heaters come with inbuilt ventilation. And the right bathroom ventilation can improve airflow by up to 28%. This means you bathroom is kept as clean and fresh as possible.

Further, the build up of heat and moisture in a bathroom, coupled with poor airflow, is the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew. If your bathroom has a musty smell to it, then it is likely suffering from the growth of mould or mildew. Left untreated, this can lead to damage to your bathroom, including fixtures and paint, and even cause warping and deterioration of wall, doors, ceilings and cabinetry.

If you install a 3-in-1 bathroom heater you don’t have to worry about damage to bathroom.

3: Perfect Bathroom Lighting

We all know that the perfect bathroom lighting is paramount. Whether you are shaving or putting on make-up, you need to see what you’re doing! While mirror lights are all the rage, you don’t need to drastically overhaul your bathroom to get the best lighting options available. 3-in-1 bathroom heaters come in 2 and 4 light configurations, to ensure the best lighting possible for your space.

Further, heater lamps alone can create a lovely, warm light in your bathroom, if you just want a space to unwind and relax!

Are you ready to invest in the right 3-in-1 bathroom heating solution for your bathroom? Martec has a wide range of 3-in-1 bathroom heaters, perfect for you home. These include:

The Linear 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater

Martec’s Linear range has a sleek, modern design with the latest LED lighting technology. It comes in both silver and white finishes, making it perfect for all modern bathrooms. The Linear is perfect for the winter months, providing instant heat from the instant halogen heat lamps. Each Linear features energy efficient COB LED lamp fittings and a powerful, yet quiet high extraction fan.

The Profile Panel 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater

Martec’s Profile Panel comes in two ranges, the Profile Panel 2 and Profile Panel 4. They both feature an attractive, low profile, giving them a modern, unobtrusive finish perfect for all bathrooms. The Profile Panel 2 has two 275W infrared heat lamps, while the Profile Panel 4 has four 275W infrared heat lamps. Further, the high air/steam extraction fan ensures the Profile Panel removes humidity and moisture from the air to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.

Martec’s Profile Star 3-in-1

A high performance bathroom heater, the Profile Star comes in both two and four 275W infrared heat lamp configurations. It also features 10W tricolour LED lights and a powerful air/steam extraction exhaust fan. The Profile Star operates quietly, is modern and slimline, with an internal thermal safety switch.

The Aspire Bathroom Heater

At the top of the 3-in-1 bathroom heater class, the Aspire is a modern 3-in-1 with innovative functionality. The powerful, efficient turbofan blade operates quietly, making it ideal for small and medium bathrooms. The modern, ultra low-profile fascia has two 400W infrared heat tubes, a radiant heat tube, and tricolour LED lighting to make for the perfect addition to your bathroom. The LED lighting reaches up to 5000k lumens and is IPX2 rated for water resistance. It is also highly eco-conscious and energy efficient.

Martec’s Vapour 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater

With dedicated 12W tricolour LED panel lighting and two 1000W ceramic heating elements to ensure your bathroom is warm all year round. And the ultra-quiet, high performance, ball bearing motor ensures air is properly ventilated and circulated around the bathroom. And with an IPX2 rating, it is perfect for all modern bathrooms.

Are you looking to install a 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater in your space? Explore Martec’s range today, along with our DIY range, perfect for lockdown home renovations!