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What is the Function of 3-in-1 Bathroom Heaters?

Bathroom heaters have become an indispensable bathroom appliance over the years, even in Australia. They are more than a bathroom decoration, they are an essential appliance for the bathroom now. But traditional floor heaters create clutter, not to mention a tripping hazard and a risk if they come in contact with water.

This is why 3-in-1 bathroom heaters are the perfect addition to your bathroom. They are installed in the ceiling, meaning they don’t take up too much space, and they combine three vital bathroom functions in one appliance. Today we’re going to discuss the important function of 3-in-1 bathroom heaters.


1: The Perfect, Instant Heating in Winter

Instant heating is one of the most important functions of 3-in-1 Bathroom HeatersBy installing a modern, 3-in-1 bathroom heater, you can enjoy instant heat all year round. Whether you use ceramic elements or infrared heat lamps, a 3-in-1 heater allows you to instantly warm your bathroom. There is no need to preheat, you get an immediate response with a fantastic thermal effect. Some ranges also come equipped with a waterproof remote control, so you can turn the heat off at any point.

Worried about summer? Many 3-in-1 bathroom heaters come with independent switches that allow you to turn the lights, heating and exhaust on as you need, rather than all three at once.

2: Ideal Bathroom Lighting Without the Need for Mirror Lights

We all know the struggle of trying to shave or do our makeup with bad lighting. Too many people resort to expensive and unattractive lighting around their bathroom mirrors, which can actually make the lighting situation worse. Modern LED lighting is one of the best options for your bathroom. Most new 3-in-1 heaters come equipped with LEDs rather than the energy guzzling halogen lighting older models used. LED lights are far more energy efficient, produce a brighter light with a wider frame.

Some 3-in-1 units also feature heater lights, providing an all in one heating and lighting option. These bulbs are large and produce enough heat to warm the bathroom and provide light. Bathroom heater lights come in two-four light configurations. Smaller bathrooms benefit from 2 heater lights, while larger bathrooms are better warmed by four lights. You can also choose which lights you want on –just your LEDs in summer, heating lights and LEDs in winter, or just heater lights when you want to relax.

3: The Importance of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The primary function of 3-in-1 bathroom heaters exhaust fan is to remove the moisture out of the bathroom. These fans help to control and eliminate bathroom odors.

Additionally, they add to the safety of the home and its residents by reducing fumes from cleaning agents that could potentially cause health-related issues. Bathroom exhaust fans will help improve the quality of indoor air.

Benefits of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A bathroom exhaust fan is an essential part of your bathroom. At the bare minimum, the exhaust fan is used for odour control, drawing unpleasant odours out of the house. Humidity reduction is also a vital job for your exhaust fan. Excess moisture from humidity can cause paint and wallpaper to peel. And, in extreme cases, can cause the wooden framing of your bathroom to warp and cause damage to your fixtures.

Further, one of the most important functions of your bathroom exhaust fan is the prevention of mould. Mould spores can grow rapidly and are very difficult to get rid of. And as we all know, mould is dangerous for everyone’s health, especially the elderly, children or those with pre-existing conditions.

As well as mould, exhaust fans can help remove aggressive chemicals from the air. While a thorough cleaning of your bathroom is vital, the chemicals in the air can be a major health concern for children, the elderly, and those with lung conditions.

Finally, your bathroom exhaust can help control moisture and remove water vapour, to prevent the dreaded fogging of your bathroom mirror. Modern 3-in-1 heaters have powerful yet quiet exhaust fans, perfect for all residential bathrooms.

What is the Function of 3-in-1 Bathroom Heaters?

4: Energy Savings and Longevity with Bathroom 3-in-1s

Thanks to their energy efficient function, 3-in-1 bathroom heaters have a lifespan of 5000 hours or more, meaning it lasts over 10 years if you use it every one-two days. In fact, it is calculated that you save at least 80% energy when using a 3-in-1 bathroom heater, over traditional floor heaters.

Further, newer 3-in-1 bathroom heaters come with ceramic, infrared or LED lighting and heating options, which are far more energy efficient than older halogen options. Thanks to their energy efficient nature, they also have a longer lifespan and give you a brighter, wide range of light. Modern 3-in-1 heaters feature 2-4 modern heating lamps to provide rapid warmth, as well as energy saving LED globes for superior lighting.

Are you looking for your next 3-in-1 bathroom heater? Martec has a wide range of options available to suit all your needs, your bathroom size and décor. Contact us today for more information!