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Why Should I Use Ceiling Fans in Winter?

Did you know that ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping cool in summer? In winter and cold weather, you can flip a switch on your ceiling fan that changes the direction of the blades from counter-clockwise to clockwise. What does this do? It switches your ceiling fan from summer to winter mode! This lets you keep your home cool in summer but warm in winter without an uncomfortable breeze. Ceiling fans are easy to install and help you save energy all year round. So let’s look at why you should use ceiling fans in winter.

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work in Winter?

What people don’t realise is that ceiling fans don’t lower or raise the temperature of your room. They actually just circulate the air. In warmer months, you feel cool because the fan provides a wind chill against your skin. This creates the sensation of feeling cooler. But then why doesn’t it cause the same cooling effect in winter? In winter, the air closest to the floor is cooler, while the air near your ceiling is warmer. So when combining your heater while running your ceiling fan in reverse (on winter mode), the ceiling fan pulls the cool air up, away from you, and pushes the warm air down. This distributes the heat around the walls and floor, providing an overall warmer feeling. Summer-Winter-Mode-1500-×-1000px

How to Turn Your Ceiling Fan to Winter Mode

The way your ceiling blades are angled determines the way in which they blow air. In summer, we want the blades running anti-clockwise to pull cool air down and hot air up. And in winter, we want the blades running clockwise to pull the cool air up and push the warm air down.

Most ceiling fans will have a button on the fan itself to turn it from summer to winter mode and vice versa. However, many ceiling fans will come paired with a remote control. If they don’t come with a remote, most fans will have a wall control panel. Both of these methods allow you to easily adjust the direction the fan blades rotate with just the click of a button. But if you don’t have either of these features, there will always be a simple toggle on the motor housing of the fan itself. Just click the button or flip the switch to change the rotation direction of the blades.

Why Should I Use a Ceiling Fan in the Winter?

Many clients ask what the actual benefits are of running their ceiling fans in the winter. Well, we have three main benefits to running your ceiling fan in winter that will make you feel comfortable and save you money in the long run.

Ceiling fan

1: Ceiling Fans are Easy to Install

Ceiling fans are one of the easiest appliances to install to keep you comfortable all year round without going to the expense of installing an air conditioner or heater – or both! Installing ceiling fans in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even outdoors only takes a couple of hours. It is also inexpensive and easily increases the value of your home. They come in a wide variety of styles, just see Martec’s gorgeous range of ceiling fans! Many fans even come with interchangeable blades, which makes it super easy to remodel and redecorate. And, best of all, many ceiling fans come with lights installed, meaning you don’t need additional lighting in a room or give up lighting to install a fan.

2: Energy Savings

As we said earlier, during the winter months and cold weather, warm air often collects near the ceiling of your home. By setting your fan to winter mode and having it spin clockwise, you force that collected warm air towards the walls and floor. With the increased and improved air circulation, you can save energy and even lower your utility bills by having to use your heating less or having it set too high. Using your ceiling fan is far more efficient than using your central heating because you only need to turn on the ceiling fan in the room you’re using. And you can even leave ceiling fans turned off in unoccupied rooms.

While all ceiling fans are an energy-efficient way to distribute warm and cool air around your home, some fans have more energy saving than others. DC fans can use up to 60% less energy than a standard ceiling fan. While they might cost a little more money upfront, they will definitely save you money in the long run.

3: Comfort During Winter

Many people find that rooms with ceiling fans often feel warmer in winter because the fan is pushing the warm air back down. This means you probably will be able to turn your heater down to save energy without feeling cold and uncomfortable. Ceiling fans can also help you avoid using extra heating devices, like space heaters, to keep you warm and comfortable.

Just remember to turn your fan back to summer mode in the warm months and always dust off your blades to make sure they are working to their full benefit. Looking for a new ceiling fan or wanting to install one? Martec has a wide range of ceiling fans available for all homes. They come in a gorgeous range of materials and finishes to suit your décor, and many are even rated for outdoor use. And we offer a remote control to use with our fans for ease of use. Click here to view the range, or contact us today for more information!