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Lost the Remote? – Martec Accessories and Replacements Are Here to Help!

We all know that remote controls have an uncanny way of disappearing right when you need them. And it doesn’t matter what kind of remote it is! TV remotes, fan and lighting remotes, they all manage to disappear. Remote controls get used by the whole family, so it is easy for them to end up lost. Today we are going to discuss how Martec accessories and replacements are here to help!

The Statistics on Lost Remotes

Losing your remote can be annoying and stressful, and finding it takes time you could spend relaxing or sleeping. Statistics show we spend around 2 weeks of our lives merely looking for remote controls. In fact, the remote control is listed as one of the top 5 things people lose most often. So where are these remote controls? Well, statistics show that 49% of remotes are found in the couch, 8% are found in the bathroom, another 8% are found in drawers, 4% are left in the fridge or freezer, and 2% are found outside!

Tried and True Methods for Finding Your Remote

Losing the remote control is a common problem, especially as fan remote controls are getting smaller and smaller. But we have some tried and true methods to help you locate these sneaky accessories:

1: Check the clutter on your coffee or bedside tables

2: Ask family or friends if they have moved or seen the remote

3: Check down the side of couches, under cushions, between bedframes and mattresses, and under pillows. Shake out blankets and bedsheets

4: Look on top of and under furniture

5: Check other rooms as you go, just in case the remote has migrated elsewhere

But what about the remotes that are never found? There’s nothing worse than wanting to turn your ceiling fan on or off, and the remote is completely missing!

Replacement Accessories and Remotes

Luckily many foresighted manufacturers, like Martec, provide high quality replacement remote controls and accessories. These are the perfect DIY option as they don’t require an electrician or any expert help. These remotes often come with a universal radio frequency which allows them to quickly connect to your ceiling fan.

Martec fan remote controls also come with in-home warranties and 3 speed settings (low/medium/high) on/off capabilities and even light functions. This makes them the perfect replacement for your lost ceiling fan remotes. While they are perfect for all Martec AC model ceiling fans, they are also compatible with most other brands of ceiling fans. These remotes utilise easy-to-replace batteries and come with a wall mounting bracket, to help prevent you losing it again!

Martec Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Martec has a wide range of ceiling fan remote controls to help you make replacing your missing remote, easier!

martec remote control

The Premier Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

Stylish and, of course, high quality, the Martec Premier remote control has a wide range of features to suit your needs. These include 3 speed fan setting, on/off fan and light function, and the extra convenience of a 10 metre RF operational range.

ceiling fan remote control

The Prince Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

The Prince smart remote control from Martec is both stylish and of the highest quality. It features the lases in Martec’s innovative OneTouch app technology. The OneTouch app enables the convenient control of multiple compatible Martec ceiling fans. The Prince also features an advanced timer function, speed control, security settings, and more!

martec remote control

The FourSeasons Ceiling Fan Infra-Red Remote Control Kit

Martec’s FourSeason Infra-red remote control kit is, of course, of the highest quality and stylishly modern, it fits any room and any décor. The FourSeasons features 3 speed fan setting, on/off fan and light function, light delay switch-off functionality, and an easy 10m Infra-red operation range.

ceiling fan control

The Premium LCD Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

Martec’s Premium LCD ceiling fan remote control kit is stylish and of the highest quality, as with any Martec product. It features a 3 speed fan setting, variable light dimmer, and a 1-9 hour timer function. The Premium LCD ceiling fan remote also features an on/off fan and light function, and a convenient 10m RF operational range.

This remote is not, however, compatible with the 3 stage dimming LED lights in the Martec range.

Lost a remote control? Looking to do some DIY work while you’re stuck at home? Explore the range of accessories and remote controls from the team at Martec! We have a wide range of DIY products for those looking to spruce up their homes or change over old fans and lighting.

Need some help? Contact the team at Martec today. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to help you make your home more comfortable, today!